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Looking For Aircon Servicing? Aircon Chemical Cleaning? Aircon Repair? Installation of new/used aircon? Topping up of Aircon Gas?
They are certainly a professional aircon company. The technicians are really well trained, they came up and do a checking on my aircon and suggested we need to do 1 chemical cleaning and 1 general servicing. After servicing, aircon is working perfectly and much cooler. Highly recommended
Mr Boris (Bukit Batok)
Your One Stop Solution For All Types of Aircon Services

Your One Stop Solution For All Types of Air-con Services

We are Specialists in: Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Repair, Installation, Relocation, Overhaul, Toping up of Aicon Gas
We are Specialists in: Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Repair, Installation, Relocation, Overhaul, Toping up of Aicon Gas
I installed my system 4 inverter aircon with them and regularly get them to service my air-con. They are always on time and always do more than i expected. I already recommended a few of my friends and relatives to them. All we can say is that Sngapore aircon Services is great!
Christine Lee (Bedok)
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