10 Common Air Conditioner Problem

Humidity. Most hate it, the moisture in the air making their shirts stick to their back, the sweat drenching their shirts for hours. Few areas can come close to the hot and wet conditions that are found in Singapore, as the island city-state found off of the Southern tip of Malaysia is routinely hot and humid. Without a proper winter or spring, Singapore, although beautiful, has caused many to suffocate in the high temperatures and wet conditions.

To battle the heat, chances are one of the best investments that people in Singapore can make is buying an air conditioner. But what happens in the case, where the air conditioner no longer works? What can you do to understand these problems, and supremely, how can you solve these problems? In this article, the 10 most common aircon problem will be discussed on, as well as solutions that exist in fixing them.

1. Blocked Grills – In the case where the grills of the air conditioner are blocked, problems may ensue, in which the air is being correctly projected. In solving the issue, the process is simple, possible for those who don’t even have a background in air conditioning repair.

● Carefully wipe the fins and motors of the air conditioner, by making sure that the electrical parts of the air conditioner are kept dry so that you aren’t harmed in the process.

● When you are removing the top grill on the air conditioning unit, be VERY careful when doing so, as it may be attached by wire to the fans. It can be as simple as cleaning this grill, in order to fix the blocked grill.

2. Stops Performing– There are moments that you may find that the aircon problem is hard to figure out, it just stops performing.

● A simple fix is to check both the circuit breaker, and the fuse to the aircon unit, in order to make sure that they are functioning properly.

3. Outside Fan Issue– The purpose of the outside fan is to give a proper transfer of heat from the home, to the outside air system.

● If the outside fan isn’t working properly, the the transfer of this heat will not be as proper as it should, the air is usually not hot enough, or not enough air is transferred. In some cases, this can cause major damage to occur to the compressor.

● It may be necessary to replace the motor or capacitor of the outside fan in order to fix this issue.

4. Drainage Problem/Frozen Coils– Another popular aircon problem, drainage problems, as well as frozen coils, can be very frustrating to deal with. In some cases, the operating unit may be completely blocked, making it ineffective in cooling.

● Constantly inspect the confederate drain in order to make sure that it is clear, and not clogged.

● For coils and filters, the input of dirt may make them ineffective. The conditioner will likely not work properly, which can also affect the compressor of the conditioner, which is a major problem.

5. Issue With The Sensor– The purpose of the thermostat sensor is simple, it measures the air temperature that is making an entrance into the coil. In cases where the sensor is displaced from its correct spot, the conditioner may work only sporadically, not really being dependable for the user.

● Look into fixing the sensor by having it checked out, and put it back in its correct spot. Its usually as simple as making sure that it is placed back in its starting position.

6. Failure Pertaining To Electrical Control– You need to make sure that all electrical components of the air conditioner work, in order for it to function properly as you want it to.

● Electrical systems will usually not work if the system is too big, as it will likely shut off, and turn back on, continuously throughout the day. This will usually turn into constant wear onto the compressor and fan controls, which can in themselves turn into major problems.

7. Bad Smell– Another popular aircon problem, weird or bad odors are commonly being reported on. When the air conditioner goes through a continuous cycle or warming and cool, moisture can quickly grow on the unit, resulting in a odd or nasty smell.

● To fix this problem, just make sure that the water is evaporating correctly, so that none is left over to create the weird odor. In the case where this air is projected, the odor can be eliminated by pouring a soapy mixture in the drain line, so that the moisture is being drained correctly.

8. Wailing Noise In The Fan Belt– One aircon problem that frequently occurs is a very loud, as well as unsettling, noise that comes from the fan belt.

● To fix the problem, chances are it is as easy as returning the fan belt to its correct position, where it was originally placed at.

9. Leaking Refrigerant– If the air con is leaking, or during its installation procedure it wasn’t correctly charged, it may be running low on refrigerant.

● In this case, it is best to leave the solving of the issue up to the professionals. Dont fix it yourself, call a qualified technician to help you with it.

10. Size/Installation Problems– Sometimes, your air conditioner may be too big or too small for the room that it is being installed in.

● To ensure that the aircon system will work well with the room it is in, make sure that it is of the correct size before you get it installed. This will save you much heartache, as well as money, when the hottest weathers of Singapore hit your home.

In Conclusion

These were some of the most common problems, but they certainly weren’t the only issues that exist. If you have a problem that wasn’t listed, it may be in your interest to get a professional opinion, so that you don’t further damage the aircon system when you decide to fix it yourself. This way, you can save both money and time when dealing with it, and you can ensure that your aircon is working correctly for the home. Singapore gets very hot and humid during the summer months, so do yourself a favor and make sure that your air conditioner system is working like it’s supposed to.