12 Ladder Handling Tips

When you are using a ladder, there are some tips that you need to know first before you can climb on one. The fact that you have any ordinary ladder with you does not necessarily mean that it is safe to use, you need a ladder that will be the best for whatever task it is that you need to use it for. It is in this light that you need a ladder which can have everything that won’t cause you any harm or injury in the process of you doing what you will be doing. A lot of people have fallen off ladders here in Singapore, and the rest of the world and the results have been nothing to smile about. Therefore, you need to be aware of a few ladder tips that will ensure you are safe.

1. The Ladder should support your weight

You need to get a ladder than be able to hold your weight when you are working on any platform. Therefore, it is recommended that you get a ladder that is not only of medium but high density. Light duty ladders are not really that safe and you need to avoid them because if you are heavy enough, it won’t support you at all.

2. Always check the angle

It is important that you always check the angle that you have placed the ladder at and if it is safe. Don’t juts put the ladder there and expect t to balance you. You need to make sure that it is at the right point and by this, you will be safe when you are working at any height. A 75-degree angle is the most recommended because it has been found to be the safest point. If you sand at the foot of the ladder, you should be able to make out this angle and hence maintain your safety.

3. Firm Footing For Your Ladder

You need to find a firm footing for the ladder in case it has rained, and the ground is soaked or if you are working in a position that seems to slant. The best thing to do under such circumstances is to make sure that you rest your ladder on a solid plywood floor and nail it there or stake the plywood to the floor first. This will give your ladder the support that it needs, and you will be able to do your job comfortably.

4. Weather Forecast

Always make sure that you know what the weather will be like before you decide to work on your ladder outside. It is important that you work on a day that has favorable conditions that are suitable for you doing any work on roofs or any other place that you intend to work at. A Rainy day is one that you should avoid working with a ladder.

5. Keep the ladder in a place that is secure

Never leave a ladder in a vulnerable position that even a burglar can use to access your premises. If there is an unlocked window and the burglar wants to reach it, and you have the left the ladder outside, then it will be easy for him. Therefore, it is important that you lock it in the garage or your store or chain it safely if you have to leave it outside.

6. Rubber Boots For The ladder

If you have a ladder that has no rubber feet, then you can make this possible by actually putting the feet on with some rubber boots. This will create even a firmer foothold for you when you are using it. This will give it the much-added traction as well as prevention against it slipping when you will be doing the climbing.

7. The top ends should be covered

The top ends of a ladder should be safely secured too, and you can do this by slipping the tops with some old pair of old socks and tying them together. You should do this before you lean the ladder to any top end that is against your siding. You can as well buy rubber covers if you like and the will still work just fine but if you are already using it, just use a pair of old socks, rugs or old work gloves.

8. Extension of the ladder above where the edge of the roof is

Make sure that you ladder is always one meter above the roof when you are using it. Place it so that it always has this extra foot to it so that when you want to climb onto or off the roof, you have something that you can hold on to.

9. When resting ladder against a window

If your job requires that you have to lean your ladder against a window, then make sure that you get a U-shaped stabilizer bar, and you will be alright when using it. This stabilizer bar attaches to the ladder on the top and spans the windows. This is safe not only for you but the windows so that they may not get any damage.

10. When resting the ladder against a door

If you have to lean the ladder against a door, then make sure that the door is firmly locked and that no one can open it without your knowledge. Make sure that you warn anyone else who is that house that you are resting the ladder against the door so no one can fling it open.

11. Keep off power lines

Make sure that you always stay away from power lines if you are working near one. So, if you are moving the ladder, setting it up or working on it, keep it at a safe distance from the power lines at all times. Any metal or wet wood ladder is dangerous to work near power lines with.

12. Make use of both your hands when climbing

As you climb, you can steady yourself by making sure that you are using both hands. It is also imperative that you center your weight between the two side rails and don’t overreach as that may end up being a tad too dangerous. Make sure that you always have two hands and a foot on the ladder or two feet and hand.