7 Things to Note When Installing Aircon for HDB

In many cases, air-conditioning is always taken for granted in a number of homes. These wonderful cooling systems are always overlooked until when they break-down that we suddenly wake up and realize their importance. The discomfort that comes with sweating serves as a constant reminder of how important it is to install an air-conditioning system in our homes.

Therefore, air-con installation should be your primary concern for your home to give your family that privilege of enjoying a well-regulated environment within your house. In this article, you will learn about seven things to take note when installing air-conditioning for the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

1. The type of equipment

There are several factors to put into consideration when planning to install a new air conditioning appliance for HDB. In fact, there are a number of options for you from air conditioning Singapore you can choose to guide you.

Among the options, you will find a floor standing air-conditioners that you can easily install by lifting it and placing at a strategic location within your house.

These type of equipment are portable and don’t require much your effort to install them. Additionally, the floor standing air-conditioner is designed primarily to work better in a squeezed environment. Should your living room be small then your choice lies in the floor standing air conditioner.

On the other hand, there is the split air-conditioner but it is a bit costly. The main advantage of this type of air-cooling system is that it is compact, sturdy and designed to work efficiently in a spacious room.

In this case, if your room is spacious with open windows, don’t hesitate to add some glamour with the split air-conditioner.

2. The desirable Temperature

The second thing to note is the ideal temperature. This factor determines the temperature ranges for a given environment as laid down by the HDB. However, you can take a short while to work out on the temperature differences between those proposed by the HDB and the temperature you think is suitable for you and your family.

You can use the method known as Manual J to get an estimation of the unit of the temperature you need. The method is simple and at a click of a button, you can outsource the right information regarding this method online.

3. The size of your room

The size of the room will not only determine the type of air conditioning you want but will also determine how much money you will spend on the installation of an aircon. Each type of air-cooling system has its own size for the room.

Watch out for their availability and ensure that there is enough room to accommodate the entire cooling system unit of your choice.

Some systems such us split air conditioner have two units; the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Make sure your new air-conditioning appliance is fixed correctly at its place within reach of an AC power supply to minimize installation costs.

4. Safety

Safety is paramount for your and the cooling system. When installing an air conditioner, follow the laid down safety measures to protect yourself from injuries as well as protecting the appliance from an imminent damage.

For the outside unit (in the case of a split air-conditioner) make sure that it is well secured away from thieves or young children to avoid being stolen or cause serious injuries. The same applies to the indoor unit whereby it should be strategically placed away from any physical contact.

5. The cost of running the Aircon

Air Conditioning relies majorly on electricity. As a matter of fact, when you install these systems in your home, you should be ready to foot the bill to keep them running.

The cost could be higher than you thought but you can always find the best solution in cutting down some additional expenses in order to keep the air-conditioner in operation.

First of all, you can adjust to a specific temperature range and maintain it that way so you may have a rough estimate of the amount of electricity consumed at a given period.

Secondly, you can restrict the hours or times that are suitable to use the cooling system depending on the prevailing weather changes. Finally, make use of the technology that comes with air-conditioning units to regulate temperatures automatically. This way you will save a lot of money for other uses.

6. Need for an accredited Aircon Installer

Air-conditioning systems are delicate and expensive to buy. As a result, you need to look out for a professional in line with the installation of air-conditioners in Singapore to fix the unit for you. A few coins will make a huge difference when you use an expert rather than taking the whole task by yourself in a bid to save.

A professional installer will save you the agony of getting mixed up with the air conditioning components you are not familiar with. Besides, accredited aircon installers will guide you accordingly on the right appliance to buy and show you how to operate and maintain the system to function optimally

7. Maintenance of the Air-conditioner

Aircon Installation does not amount to everything necessary for its operation throughout. There is a need to check if it is working perfectly if not, establish the cause and correct it as soon as possible before the situation gets out the hand.

That is the time when maintenance comes to overseeing a smooth running of the entire cooling system. You can use an expert for routine maintenance though that is an added cost or use the manual to guide you on maintenance.

You need to carry out regular checks and maintenance to avoid a total breakdown of the equipment within the shortest time after installation.

If not, it can cost you a fortune due to the fact that you will be compelled to buy a completely new cooling system. If maintenance is done regularly and timely, you can save a lot instead of buying another aircon appliance in your home.


At least you have first-hand information that you can use to guide you accordingly on aircon installation. Make your home a comfort zone for your family by installing a perfect air-conditioning system before summer catches up with you.