Choosing The Right Type Of Aircon To Install For Office

Air conditioner, nowadays, is more of a daily necessity than just a luxury, especially if you are living in a hot and humid climatic region. No office is complete without proper air conditioners installed in it. This is not only essential for the luxury but to ensure that your employees feel comfortable while working. This will definitely increase your productivity as no one likes to work at an environment which is very hot and humid. But if you are confused about which type of aircon is perfect for installing at your office, then you are at the right place.

Choosing The Best Type:

There are various types of air conditioners available in the market. Each of this unit has different functions and features. These are:

Split Unit
Cassette Unit
Refrigerated Unit
Ducted Unit
Split Air conditioner

This aircon is best if you want to cool a particular room/chamber in your office. It works best in compact spaces. But this type of air conditioner is more economical than other types. This may not be much effective when it comes to a huge space. But if your office space is divided into several small chambers or rooms, then definitely having a split air conditioner installed is the best way. You can operate each and every unit separately to ensure the best possible comfort. Even if you choose other types of air conditioning system for the rest of your office, you can choose split A.C for your conference room or your cabin.

Cassette Unit

If your office has a limited roof space, then cassette unit is the best. This air conditioner is quite powerful and can effectively work even in a large space. In this case, the unit is placed on the roof and thus it will be able to cool from the top to bottom of each corner. This unit is evenly distributed all over the workspace to ensure uniformity of cooling in different area.

Refrigerated Unit

This is one of the most recommended types for the place which is very hot and humid throughout the year. Also, this is quite a great aircon unit for any offices that need effective cooling. It can instantly help you to get an optimal cooling of the entire office space, regardless of how hot the weather is outside. Another great benefit of this unit is that it can also reduce the humidity level inside your workplace. Hence, it is perfect for the commercial building in the cities where there is a high level of humidity.

Ducted Unit

Another great option that you can consider for your office space is a ducted air conditioning system. You can control the temperature of the whole space quite easily with this. The best part is that it can uniformly distribute the temperature across your office area through the ducts. So, if you want to cool down your entire office space within a few minutes and get an even temperature all around, then you must consider this.

Choosing The Right Capacity

Capacity of the air conditioner depends entirely on the size of the air conditioning system. To make sure that you are getting the right amount of cooling inside your workplace, choosing the right capacity is essential. If you have a huge workspace, then definitely you will need some high capacity air conditioning system. Low capacity will fail to do its job properly and you cannot get an even or optimum cooling experience in the office. Due to lack of capacity, your aircon system will not be able to cool down the entire space effectively.

On the other hand, if the capacity of the air conditioner is more compared to the office space, then you will experience extra cooling. It can make the office environment uncomfortably chilled. It is not great for a comfortable working environment. Besides that, it can also cost you more unnecessarily. With more capacity, the energy bill and prices of the aircons also increase. So, why will you waste money for an air conditioning system which is of more capacity than you need? If you have confusion about the exact one that your workspace will need, then you can consult with an expert.

Consider Energy Efficiency

You must consider the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of the air conditioner before you buy one. It will help you to measure the electricity efficiency. Thus, you can also save a lot of money on your electricity bills. Office spaces use aircon systems throughout the day, at least as long as the employees are there. So, you must consider the energy efficiency to save thousands of dollars on the electricity bill. The air conditioners which have higher EER will save a lot of energy. Besides being pocket-friendly, it is also great for the environment. It is always better to opt for something which is eco-friendly.

Install The Best For Your Office

When the humidity level is too high along with scorching heat of the sun, air conditioning system is the best way to find comfort. Of course, it helps the employees as well as employers to enjoy a great working environment in the office. So, you must install an aircon system at your office to ensure high productivity for your business. The types of air conditioning system mentioned above will help you to pick the best type of aircon. Also, you must check for the capacity and EER before you buy any type of aircon.

Make sure to invest your money on the most reliable and best type of air conditioning system. Always hire a professional aircon service to install the units successfully. It is not an easy job and if someone is not trained or licensed for it, he/she can’t do that. Choosing the right type of air conditioning system needs a thorough inspection of your space. Know and understand what your needs and requirements are. Is it too big for a split A.C? Then opt for the refrigerated unit or duct unit. In case you need a complete air cooling system from top to bottom throughout your office, you will need cassette unit. So, make your judgement very carefully.