Daikin Energy Star Rating

Daikin is a popular air conditioner company, which provides impressive quality air conditioning solutions for Singapore. The brand offers many ecofriendly units of its signature range Aircon in Singapore. Electricity is a common problem in Singapore and Daikin offers air conditioning options for all types of customers. The brand’s non-invertor and invertor unit’s range of air conditioners are especially popular. The main purpose of the inverter range of products is to regulate the voltage fluctuation and prevent the air conditioner from damages due to short circuiting .Having an inverter technology air conditioner also implies that the overall energy saving from the electricity bill will be much more as a non-inverter air conditioner. Daikin has received numerous awards in Singapore for its multi split variety of air conditioners, its inverter air conditioner range, and its multi room air conditioners. Recently Daikin won the PMEBs’ Favorite Air Con Brand Award in Singapore.

What is a star rating?

The energy star rating are deigned to let buyers compare different models of air conditioners with different energy efficiency ratings .The use of the energy star rating is that it indicates the energy efficiency of the product and gives you an idea of how much energy you can save . Nowadays most people purchasing air conditioners are opting for the energy star rated Daikin air conditioners in order to increase the saving in their electricity bills. Following are the advantages of using energy star rated air conditioners:

Increased energy savings: having an energy star rating on the air conditioner can reduce the energy usage by 10 percent to 50 percent.

Environmental friendly:

The air conditioners, which have an energy star rating, are extremely environmentally friendly. It signifies minimum emission of greenhouse gasses and reduced use of fossil fuels.


Owning an energy star rated machine is also convenient as it facilitates the saving of electricity and gives you a cooling experience at the same time.

Implications of choosing an energy star rated Daikin air conditioner

If a particular air conditioning machine earns the energy star it means that the product meets the energy efficiency strict guidelines, which have been set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. By buying an energy star rated product, you officially pledge to adhere to the guidelines set by the environmental protection agency to reduce the number of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Usually air conditioners with energy star certification have a high seasonal efficiency ratio (SEER) and a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) and use 8% less energy than a brand new model. To arrive at the final SEER, the method, which scientists use, is to use the entire anticipated output of energy that is required to cool during an entire season and then divide it by the energy input. The energy output is expressed in terms of British Thermal Units (BTU) and the energy input is measured in watt-hours. A unit of BTU is the total quantity of heat, which is required to increase the temperature of 1pound of water by 1-degree Fahrenheit. The efficiency of an air conditioner is determined through the efficiency with which is removes heat from a room or a building. It is not determined by the amount of cooling it does. It is imperative to remember that even though while buying the product, up from the cost of the machine will be much more, over the years the saving will be very high.

The more the stars, the more the savings

Usually the energy star rating is done from the one to five. The more the number of stars on thee label, the more is the energy savings. Many experts suggest that if you want to use an air conditioner for the long term it is advisable to purchase one with five stars on it. If you are purchasing an air conditioner, which will be used frequently and for large areas, where a lot pressure will be applied on the compressor, it is advisable to go for a five energy star rated air conditioner. This will cut costs by almost 30 % as compared what a one star energy rated air conditioner would have cost . For every one star increase, the energy savings per year increases by 14 %. Moreover, a five star air conditioner is more expensive; therefore, it is more stylish and more ergonomically built. In addition to providing energy savings, it looks splendid. A five star air conditioner can save up to 100 dollars every year from your electricity bill.

The energy star rating certification process

The environmental protection agency is the agency, which chooses the air conditioning products, which are appropriate for the certification. Recently in a new resolution passed by the agency, an air conditioner, which displays a minimum of 10 % more energy saving qualities than the air conditioner which meets the energy efficiency requirements of federal standards are eligible for the energy star rating certificate. The following are the perquisites for a machine to be qualify for the energy star rating verification:

The air conditioner must significantly contribute to the saving of energy throughout the nation
The air conditioners , which have been certified must continue to provide world class cooling to its users alongside providing maximum efficiency of energy.

If the prices of the certified air conditioners are more expensive than their conventional counterparts, then the users must be able to make up the difference in prices shortly after buying the air conditioner through increased savings in the electricity bill amount.

It is not compulsory for the certified air conditioners to use the non-propriety technologies and achieve an energy efficiency rating.

Testing should indicate that all the energy star rated air conditioning products perform well and consume less energy.

The energy star rating will be the final certification of the air conditioner differentiating it from other products.

There are many brands, which provide energy star rated air conditioners in Singapore, but the bets amongst all these companies is Daikin. It is beneficial to buy energy rated air conditioners not only because of the savings, it will also go a long way to ensuring that you help protect the environment. Go for it and help saving the environment.