How Much Does It Cost For Aircon Maintenance in Singapore?

For your Air Conditioner Maintenance

In order to maintain efficiency and high performance of your air conditioner, it is necessary that you should get it regularly serviced by Aircon Singapore. Actually, regular servicing can save you from some costly repairs for which you may have to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. You must also keep in mind that your respiratory health is also dependent on the air that emanates from your air conditioning unit. If its filters and vents are filled with dust and bacteria due to lack of regular maintenance, you will be exposed to filthy air that may lead to various diseases.

Air conditioner servicing involves few basics steps, they are:

* Cleaning the condenser unit

In this, technicians from hAircon Singapore will remove debris and dust from the outer and inner areas of the unit. They will also clean the fins and straighten them if they are bent. Fan motor is also lubricated to allow it to run smoothly without making excessive noise.

* Evaporator drain check

It can be easily performed by a licensed professionals of Aircon and involves checking the water leakage below the evaporator coils, which is an indication that its drain pipe is clogged and should be cleared and cleaned for normal functioning.

* Changing the air-filter

This is the most vital step in air conditioner maintenance. If air conditioner is used excessively then it’s better if its filters are changed once a month. They are usually found of the condenser and in some models on the evaporator. Technician will replace the filter by taking off the grilles or housing. They will know of part number and filter size from old filter.

* Inspecting and cleaning the air-ducts

Even a small leak can cost you hundreds of dollars in terms of electricity consumption. Also, these leaks may facilitate the entry of contaminants such as dust, pollen, etc which may accumulate and become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Continuous exposure to old can be a big health hazard for all those who suffer from allergies, asthma and various other respiratory issues. clearing and cleaning the ductwork and sealing all the leakages by Aircon Singapore can ensure the efficiency of air conditioner and can also improve the cooling capacity of the machine.

* Checking the coolant

The is the basic step maintenance and involves checking the lines connection the evaporator unit inside the building and the condenser unit situated outside. If any wear and tear, or damage is found, the lines are replaced by the technicians. They also check the coolant and may top it up if necessary. Lack of proper coolant may reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.

The air conditioner service charges by Aircon are nominal-$40/ fan coil, $35/per unit (2-4 coils) and $30/ per unit (5 fan coils and above). Chemical wash-per fan coil $80, and $70 for 3 coils or above. Chemical overhaul-$150/coil, $130/unit for 2-4 coils, and $120/unit for 5 or above coils, R-22 is topped for $30-$80, and R-0410A is topped for $120-$150.

Air conditioner maintenance is important to ensure its hassle free operation at maximum efficiency, and it also helps in maintaining a healthy and clean environment inside the building. Lack of proper maintenance will lead to an increase in contaminants and various health-related issues, not to mention the wastage of electricity.