Important Tips For Cleaning Your Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are an absolute necessity when it comes to regulation the air temperature. The ac units help by decreasing the temperature so that the room is much more comfortable. However, sometimes the air conditioning does not perform so well and needs maintenance. There are professional services available for cleaning an air conditioner in Singapore but it can too costly for you to get it done professionally. The less costly way is to do it yourself but you would need proper guidance to clean the air conditioner so that you do not ruin the unit.

Cleaning an AC unit is very easy as compared to the general belief that it is a complicated and a tedious task. Cleaning your home unit for the first time might seem confusing but after that it is just a piece of cake. The following are useful tips to clean your air conditioner as if you knew what you were doing.

1. Replace your filter. Even though it looks like it looks as if it is in tip top shape. Any air condition cleaning expert should tell you that filters should be replaced each season.

2. Safety first. Always make sure that the power is shut especially if you are working on HVAC equipment.

3. Make sure to clean the drain. This is the most ignored part when cleaning air conditioners but this also can build up debris and can very dirty. It may not affect the performance of the unit but it can also be blockage in the draining process.

4. Clean the back of your air conditioner from the outside of your house. Winter sure may have left weeds, twigs, leaves and grass may have grown out the back of your air conditioning unit and may block air passage.

5. Clean the evaporator and condenser at least once a month during the summer. This can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

6. For those who use window type air conditioners make sure that the coils are clean and without any debris stuck. This will affect your air conditioner’s performance in the summer months.

7. Use clean water and a clean rag and thoroughly clean your unit. Clean it inside and out.

8. Use a nozzle type of water hose when cleaning air conditioners so that you can control the water spout and be careful that the water force does not break any air conditioner parts.

9. For central air conditioning put drops of motor oil on each of the motor’s lubrication ports to make sure all parts runs smoothly.

10. Lastly, and the most commonly ignored tip always consult your manufacturer’s manual before cleaning air conditioners. It may not just have tips but some important instructions as well when doing air condition cleaning specifically for your type of model.

You really don’t have to hire air condition cleaning companies just to clean your unit and pay big bucks. You can do it yourself by being careful and knowing the right way and the right equipment to use. But if money is no object then you can go ahead and somebody else such as air condition cleaning experts in Singapore. If you opt for expert for expert air con servicing, make sure that your selected service provider is certified for different kind of air conditioning repairs. Most of the companies in Singapore provide a list of their certified repair service providers and experts in their website only. Getting your air conditioner to a certified person will ensure that your problem is solved completely rather than some temporary solutions. Moreover you are sure that only original parts are used in the ac while repairing.

Importance of Air Con Cleaning
There are several benefits associated with air con cleaning. Let’s look at them.
1. Could Compromise Your Health-

Your health could be at risk from inhaling mould, dust and dangerous microorganisms. When the AC isn’t properly cleaned frequently, dust gathers in the filters, mould grows in the ducts and it generally becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms. Unfortunately, we don’t see these microorganisms, so we don’t worry about them. Unfortunately, our lack of awareness of these organisms is irrelevant. Whether we’re aware of it or not, these organisms are harmful.

2. Cheaper Energy Consumption-
A clean air conditioner typically consumes less energy than one with layers of dust, dirt, mould and leakages. Your filters help in ensuring the steady flow of cold air. However, when they start gathering dust, the AC requires more power and energy to deliver the cold air. This therefore, results in increased power and energy bills at the end of the year.

3. Eliminate Inconvenience-
Not cleaning your AC often results in inconveniences. Your AC cab break down from having too much dirt clogging the filters, the fans and blowers can get stuck from rust or dirt, and the resulting clanging or loud noise can disturb your concentration at work or your sleep. You can avoid all of these by carrying out routine air conditioner cleaning or air conditioner maintenance activities. You don’t necessarily have to do it by yourself. In fact, it is recommended that you hire a trained individual who knows how to clean air conditioners properly and who is capable of carrying out maintenance procedures on your AC.

4. Potential of Breaking Down-

As with all things that are neglected and frequently used, your AC can just quit or stop working in the middle of a hot day. Consistent maintenance and cleaning will help you stop this in its tracks.

5. Hot Air and Less than Optimal Performance-

Cleaning your AC will help ensure that the air in circulation remains cool. When the filters gather too much dust, the AC tends to blow hot air into the room instead of cold air. You also get a less than optimal performance. Most problematic ACs return to their optimal performance levels when they are cleaned frequently.

6. Identifying Problem Spots before They Surface-

Cleaning your air conditioner frequently will help you identify and take care of potential problems like air leakages, blocked ducts, mould backlog among other things. Doing this will help make sure that your AC performs well and most importantly, will help nip any potential problems in the bud before they become a big issue.

Many people never really bother about air conditioner cleaning or air conditioner maintenance. Yet, they hate when it breaks down or malfunctions particularly in the middle of a very hot season. Follow the above tips to guide you in cleaning your air conditioner and make it perform efficiently.