Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon before Holidays

Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon before Holidays. Air conditioning is one of those essential services that everyone takes for granted until it goes offline. This can be quite costly if your customers cannot enjoy their holiday festivities or vacation because of an inability to keep cool.

If you’re considering installing a new AC unit, this might provide some contextual insight as to whether you should service it before or after these two festive seasons. This post outlines

Reasons To service the aircon system before the holidays

It will ensure you get the correct amount of cool air into your home.

Choosing a good and reliable aircon servicing company is critical as they can determine if your AC unit’s temperature settings are working well.

For example, if people set their aircon to a specific temperature but only feel the coolness in certain parts of their house, this may mean something wrong with their AC thermostat.

Hence, it is best to have your AC regularly serviced – done anytime before the holiday season – to ensure that your aircon system works effectively to enjoy the holiday season properly and keep yourself safe from heat exhaustion.

You will prevent leaks and service early before any issues arise.

When most people think they need to service the aircon system, the first question is, “Why should I?”. Any good technician will tell you that a unit operating at its average capacity is less likely to break down prematurely.

So it is always a good idea to service your aircon system early before any issues arise. Routine servicing helps ensure the whole aircon system runs smoothly and efficiently, minimizing chances of leaks or inefficiencies, which could mean higher energy costs.

It allows you to maintain the total energy efficiency of your units as well as maximize their lifespan. Therefore, regular servicing can help you avoid costly repairs by picking up on minor problems before they become big ones. It will also spare you the cost of buying new, more expensive parts.

If you are left with a repair bill, avoiding being ripped off and paying out of pocket makes sense. Many people allow their air conditioners to get into bad shape just because they don’t regularly check their air conditioners.

You will extend the life span of your air conditioner unit.

Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon before Holidays

Having serviced aircon units is not just about having a nice cool room during hot Singapore nights. Another reason you should service your aircon units before holidays is because you will prolong the life span of your team, saving you long-term costs.

The components of an air-con system, like the compressor and condenser, are the parts that have to work hardest. Sooner or later, these parts will wear out, but proper servicing can extend their lifespan and save money in the long run.

An AC running in top condition has a longer lifespan and minimizes any wear and tear on the equipment. In addition, regular servicing can also help identify any parts needing replacement, so you can get them changed as soon as possible.

This increases the overall efficiency of your AC system, meaning that it won’t have to work as hard to maintain a specific temperature. All in all, this maximizes the lifespan of your AC system.


When a professional technician services your HVAC system before the holidays, it will be inspected for potential safety hazards that might pose risks in an emergency such as a fire. They will check essential safety components, including gas and electrical connections, broken or loose wires, and damaged or worn-out parts.

You will be able to get the best deal on your energy bills.

Most Singaporeans know how expensive energy bills can be, especially during the holiday season. It is not just the building owners or businesses using aircon units that enjoy a pricey bill.

Even the owner of your aircon unit will feel their pockets pinch if they do not service it early enough before the weather turns cold and bundles up even more!

Therefore, there is no need to stress yourself when you have a thermostat that has gone beyond its useful life and wishes you had serviced yours before it went sour. Early holiday servicing allows you to get the best deal on your energy bills by ensuring that your unit functions at its optimum capacity to save on unnecessary charges.

You will avoid unnecessary health complications during the holiday seasons

Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon before Holidays

You will not have to wake up to a family member coughing and sneezing. Your family members will love you for it.

It is bad enough to work with a sore throat from the office environment or, even worse, be on call with a first aid kit ready. However, waking up on a cold night because your family members woke up with sore throats, coughing, and sneezing can make one want to stay in bed all day!

Since your air conditioning unit works harder when the weather gets colder, it has to work harder to cool down a naturally more relaxed room. That extra work turns into additional vibrations, which can cause physical discomfort among your family members.

But servicing your aircon unit before the holiday will mean that you will not have to deal with this. So if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and your family members are suffering, offer them a cup of coffee and get back to sleep!

Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon before Holidays – Conclusion

Air conditioning systems require service more often than other household appliances. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is about 10-12 years. Every year, you will need to clean or replace the aircon filter, check for leaks and damage, adjust refrigerant levels, and perform tune-up tasks like replacing worn-out parts or oiling moving parts.

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