Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room? This question is one of many that parents ask these days – as more people are conscious of the well-being of their babies. “Is AC safe for my baby?”

An aircon is a cooling device consisting of a compressor and fan, which cools the air, causing the surrounding temperature to drop by several degrees Celsius. It would be safe for your baby, so long as the air conditioning unit settings are appropriate for the baby’s room temperature.

A properly ventilated room would help to reduce the risk of suffocation and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in babies.

If a room is not properly ventilated, it could lead to inadequate ventilation of moisture from your baby’s breath, increasing the risk of suffocation. The following safety measures will keep your baby comfortable in an air-conditioned room.

Read on – Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

1. Recommended Room Temperature

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

The temperature in your baby’s room must remain within a range that is comfortable for you to be. However, it is important to remember that your baby will be much more sensitive than you toward room temperature and should not be left in a room that is too cold or too warm.

A recommended temperature range for babies may differ among pediatricians, but an ideal range would be between 23°C and 27°C.

2. The Cleanliness of the Air Conditioned Room

Installing an air-conditioner in your baby’s room will not be an issue as long as the room temperature is well maintained. The greatest concern, therefore, would be whether the air conditioner is properly cleaned and maintained.

A dirty air conditioner could lead to respiratory infections and allergies in your baby. Be sure to contact the administrator of your apartment to ensure that the air-conditioning unit is properly cleaned and maintained.

3. Proper Ventilation of Room

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

Your baby’s room must be ventilated properly. You may have to leave the doors of your baby’s room open for about one hour after you turn off the air-conditioning unit.

You should also keep the windows open with a fan since an air-conditioner could increase the moisture and dust particles that may cause allergy and asthma problems in your baby.

4. Dress Your Baby Right

Dress your baby appropriately for the room’s temperature. Do not overdress or underdress your baby, which could lead to a cold or heat stroke in them.

Since babies cannot communicate their feelings, you should pay close attention to their body language and be on the lookout for any signs of discomfort in them while in the room. Be prepared to change their clothes – if they are hot – or put a blanket over them – if they are cold.

5. Keep your baby’s skin well-moisturized

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

A/C use may cause your baby’s skin to become dry. A few pointers on how to prevent this from happening are:

  • Use a humidifier. The best way to do this is by placing a humidifier in the baby’s room and turning the room’s air conditioner off.
  • Always keep the baby’s skin well-moisturized by bathing them daily with bathing lotion after bathing. However, remember that it is best not to wipe your baby dry too roughly as it may cause their skin to be irritated.

If your baby develops rashes on their skin or if you notice any dryness, be sure to keep their skin well moisturized. You could also check with your pediatrician if the exposure to the air-conditioning unit has caused any problems with your baby’s skin.

6. Avoid Sudden Change in Temperature

Taking your baby out of the cold environment and placing them in a hot one all of a sudden could have negative effects. This could result in a chill or a heat stroke – which may cause a collapse in your baby’s body temperature.

When you want to leave your baby in the air-conditioned room, you should let the air-conditioner run for about 10 minutes before you place your baby inside.

Note that the air vent should not blow directly to your baby. If you are using a fan or overhead fan, ensure that it is in the right position, causing air to circulate.

6. Do Not Overuse the Air Conditioner

Air conditioners do not just cool down a room. They also remove moisture from the air. This could lead to dryness, irritation, and itching of your baby’s skin.

Be sure to use and set up your air-conditioning unit properly so that it does not cause harm to your baby. Dehumidifiers and room humidifiers are also there to help you to keep the moisture in your baby’s room.

7. Consider Shorter Hours of AC Use

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

If the air-conditioning unit is left on too long, it could risk your baby. Your baby’s sleep patterns are most likely disturbed by the continuous noise of the air-conditioning unit. Therefore, it is best that you do not leave the room where your baby sleeps for a lengthy period after turning off the air-conditioning unit.

Using an air-conditioner excessively may not only cause adverse effects on your baby’s health but could also result in higher electricity bills over time. This can be done by alternating between the newborn aircon unit and the fan to cool down the air without removing its moisture content too quickly.

8. Get your AC regularly serviced for clean and efficient cooling of your room

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room?

We all know air conditioners can become dirty and inefficient due to dust, dirt, and hard water build-up. This can cause many complications, such as a lack of cooling efficiency and noise. Using an air conditioner thus requires proper care.

Make sure to clean the aircon filters regularly or even get them serviced if necessary by a reliable company or repairman. While there are many air conditioners on the market today, let us not forget that it is also important to find one that is right for your needs.

Should I Let My Newborn Sleep in Aircon Room? – Conclusion

Having a healthy, happy baby starts with your eyes and ears open. It is vital to know the necessary kinds of stuff you can do and the stuff you must leave alone. Hopefully, this guide will help you to continue caring for your baby in Singapore.

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