Unbiased Review On LG Aircon

You want to make a smart investment by choosing the best air con that offers you crisp, healthy air to alleviate the sweltering heat and humidity that Singapore is known for. Read on for an unbiased review on one of the top selling brands in the world, LG. LG is a Korean based company with nearly fifty years experience in the cooling industry. Manufacturers of both residential and commercial air conditioners this article look at the efficiency of LG aircon’s, which many Singaporeans use in their homes and businesses. Read more about some of the best sellers LG offer, in making an informed decision before you invest in an aircon.

What Is A Duct-Free Unit?

You might have heard someone installed a duct-free unit in their home, without knowing what it actually is and what benefits you can derive from it. Duct-free, is a split aircon unit, made up of two units an outdoor unit, which removes heat, collected and in indoor unit, that delivers the conditioned and cool air to indoor spaces. Between the two units, run a compact refrigerant line and this system is ideal as it eliminates the need for additional duct work. These types of systems are great for houses without duct work, areas in a home that do not get cool enough or in room additions. They are economical simply because installing is simpler with only three basic parts. It is ideal for use in homes, offices, renovated areas and more especially when it is important to preserve a buildings originality.

Duct-Free Air Conditioner Benefits

– Fast, easy installation with no additional costs for duct work
– Attractive design – there are a variety of elegant designs in duct-free units which will enhance all interiors
– Custom temperature control – temperature control is easily and effective controlled in all rooms
– Healthier, cleaner air, with the use of Plasma air purifying technology
– Whisper-quiet design and operation with indoor duct-free units running at 26 dB
– High speed cooling featuring a Jet Cool technology, which is capable of turning warm rooms into a comfortable cool temperature you want
– Reduced energy costs with LG energy efficient technology featuring variable speed high performance compressors as well as Multi Power System, which is a LG trademark technology that uses dual compressor technology
– Built to last with another trademarked technology called Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion

Inverter system
Top features:

– BLDC Compressor – it works with a neodymium magnet, which minimizes compression loss, maximizes motor efficiency, and minimizes oil circulation with its oil separator system.
– BLDC Fan Motor – smooth operation with thirteen different steps.
– Torque Control – enables the compressor to run at levels below 35H, which increase energy efficiency and minimizing noise.
– Power Cooling – cold temperatures are reached three time faster than other brands of aircon’s. The optimized air outlet increases normal air velocity by twenty percent.
– Jet Cool 10 Airflow – is much faster than conventional aircon’s, with an improved, new skew fan system that increase the airflow amount significantly. It has a positive reach of ten meters, reaching all corners of large rooms.
– Supreme Energy Efficient
– High Operation Reliability

LG Art cool

One of the best recommended LG aircon’s Singaporeans benefit from is the latest Residential unit, the Art cool, Plasmaster Ioniser Plus. It is currently one of the best in modern technology and you will find the features outstanding:
– Plasma Ioniser Technology protects you and your family from all harmful substances and eliminates odors in the air, by using more than three million ion in sterilizing not only the air that passes through the unit itself, but also the surrounding areas to ensure a cleaner, safer environment.
– Mosquito Away and Filtration – you and your family are protected from mosquitoes, micro-dust, viruses, allergens, bacteria
– Antibacterial Air Filter – The filter is the first line of defense
– Plasmaster Auto Cleaning – Your aircon interior automatically dries and sterilizes the interior
– Very Low Noise – noise is below 16dB and also features a night silence mode for ultra-quiet operation
– Deep Sleep Mode – During deep sleep mode, the temperature is increased by one degree every minute, after which it is increased by two degrees every hour, in ensuring comfortable temperatures during the night when natural air cools automatically.

Windows Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are extremely popular in Singapore homes, offices, businesses and more. They are incredibly stylish and packed with outstanding features such as:
– Four way air deflection
– Precise airflow control
– Slide out chassis
– Anti-bacterial
– Anti-Rust Gold Fin Air Filter

Cassette Aircon

Cassette aircon’s are something often seen in commercial buildings in Singapore. It is one of the preferred options as cassette units integrate into any space beautifully. An unobtrusive method of adding cool, fresh, and healthy air to everybody in an office, hotel, café, shop and more.
– Anti-corrosive coating – it will withstand all elements such as pollution and corrosion due to the high humidity
– Highly efficient turbo fan
– Ultra slim design of only twenty mm in thickness it gives you the opportunity to install it almost anywhere without it being obtrusive
– Wide adjustable vanes
– Group controls – LG units can be linked together and a business owner with more than one unit has the ability to link all cassette units and control up to sixteen units from a single spot.

Now that you have read about the best air conditioners LG has to offer, you might also conclude that it is a trustworthy brand, with numerous benefits, including its powerful abilities and energy saving capabilities. However, which size is the best for you? You need an aircon that cools your entire house or you might want a specific room to be slightly warmer, etc. Singaporeans have made the mistake to think that buying a larger unit will automatically the best option in the heat, yet they might have a smaller house or apartment.
Buying the wrong size often result in unnecessary costs with higher energy bills and the price of the unit itself. Your first consideration would be to match your room and aircon with another. When you buy a unit, which is too large for a particular space, the space cools down so fast that the thermostat will switch off long before the humidity could be lowered. This will result in a room, which is cold, yet clammy and damp. Speaking with your trusted air-conditioning sales representative will ensue that you get the right size for your space.