Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

Wondering what are some ways on keeping your home cool without aircon? Hot weather eats our happiness, especially our sleep. The requirement for moderate weather in our living place is our dream mostly. You may not like to have the aircon being switched on or do not like to buy at all.

However, you may lie to make your home cool without aircon. Yes, it is possible, and it requires some basic techniques or DIY methods to achieve the goal. Let us see those methods here.

Shut your windows in your house

Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

Do you like to remain in cool or less hot condition first shut the door of your house? If you find the outside air is hotter than the inside, you can close the windows by not allowing the outside air to come in. The outside temperature may be high than the inside.

If you allow the sunlight to enter your house, your present heat becomes hotter than before. This step is important because sunlight enters your home may turn into heat.

Hence, close the windows tightly to make your room temperature a little bit cool.

Door insulation

Are you using a single or any specific room often? If so, other rooms of the house are closed, and you can use them if you require. Why is it so? The reason is that the cooler air does not get transfer to all parts of the house if other rooms are closed.

In spite, it remains concentrated in a single area where you are mostly. This is another method in which you can make your place cooler to an extent.

If your room door has some opening at the bottom side, do not leave it as it is. Instead, you can insulate it. Yes, you can use weather strips, which requires only less investment. This method does not require any technology brain or major cost. You can make the home cooing fast as you dream.

Light bulbs are the major culprit

Do you have many light bulbs in your house? If yes, your home becomes hot easily than you think. Many people may suggest their kitchen appliances for hot reasons. However, light bulbs produce more heat which you do not know actually.

Instead of light bulbs or incandescent lights, it is better to use CFL lights in your house. You can find the difference in your home’s cooling status. Besides the cooling effect, it reduces your energy bill.

Allow the night air inside your house

Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

How about your night temperature where you live? Does it fall than the morning temperature?

If so, you can open the windows before you sleep, at least thirty minutes before. By this technique, you can allow cool air inside the house or room. Your room temperature may fall so you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to manage humidity?

Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

Are you living in a place that has high humidity? If so, your place heat may get increased thereby you can feel hot and tired. Yes, humidity increases the hotness in your room, and so you can use a dehumidifier.

You may feel sweatier in humid conditions. You can use a dehumidifier so you can control the temperature in your place for a comfortable living.

Fans in your place

Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

If you do not have air cooling systems in your house, you can straightaway use fans to spread coolness. The place where you put the fan does the purpose.

Select the cool place in your house and place the fan pointing towards the place where hot air prevails. The fan sends the hot air out by drawing in the cool air.

At night make use of a washer

Many appliances you use in your house, such as dishwashers and cloth washers may produce a large amount of heat in your house.

The heat produced may increase the room temperature of your living place. So, what do you have to do? You can use these appliances in the night or evening hours. This step may stop the heat output due to the cool temperature at night.

Cooling curtains

Do you have cooling curtains? Yes, you may wonder what it is. It is a simple task in which you have to water a sheet and cover it on your window entirely.

Outside breeze may touch the water sheet which you have covered the window and enters the house. The temperature of the house may come down due to the cool breeze comes in.

Chill pillow use

You can purchase a cooling pillow for your comfort of cooling. This special pillow may disperse the body heat further. This step may cool your bedroom as you expect.

Awning installation

Your windows are covered with an awn to prevent the sun rays from entering the house. Installing an awn protects you from unbearable heat

Planting vines

Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

You can have cooling shade by planting vines around your house, especially over your windows.

Blind closing

During hot days, it is better to close the windows with the help of blinds to prevent heat from entering.

Clockwise rotation of ceiling fans

Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon

You can set ceiling fans to rotate clockwise letting air come down straightly. You can adjust the speed of the fan further so you can achieve the goal of comfort and cooling.

Final Thoughts

The above Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon may help you a lot by saving your money. We hope you enjoyed and learned something new from this article – Ways On Keeping Your Home Cool Without Aircon.

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