Will Aircon System Cause Health Problems?

In Singapore, there is hot and humid weather throughout the year. As a result of this, air conditioning in Singapore is an everyday necessity to the Singapore citizens and you will therefore find air conditioning systems installed in homes, offices, hotels and many other places where people gathers or works.

Basically, air conditioning brings comforts which is very essential in the new modern world as it make life comfortable especially during hot weathers.

Despite air conditioning been of mutual benefits in Singapore, there is a big question arising from continued use of aircon system. The question arising is whether air conditioning systems can cause health problems to the people in Singapore.

Before answering the question, its good for you to note that evidently aircon systems have more advantages than the problems it brings in humans life. This is one of the major reason aircon is very popular among Singapore citizens for its able to generate cool refreshing sensation.

Aircon benefits and harmful effects on the health greatly depends on certain factors such as age and health condition of the individual exposed, conditions that facilitate use of aircons systems, aircon quality and installation maintenance and of all cooling degrees of the aircon.

Despite aircon many benefits such as quality sleep promotion, dehydration and heat wave risks reduction, aircons have several health effects on the health of the users.

Some of the health problem that can be resulted by over dependence of aircon systems in Singapore includes:

1. Results to Allergies

•Increased use of aircons among Singapore citizens can results to seasonal allergies sufferer’s exposure.

•This happens when there is use of poorly maintained aircons which cause higher concentration of pollen and dust and therefore exposing the person with allergy with the allergens and therefore making their condition even worse.

•Aircons can also facilitate release of spores from the mould and when inhaled by people with allergic rhinitis they suffer severe symptoms and even asthma.


•Aircons can house bacteria’s, germs, mould and even some viruses which can cause health problems when the peoples inhales the air from such an air conditioning system.

•Aircons can be a source of respiratory infections which can range from less severe to more severe infections. For instance, example of less severe infections includes common cold and more severe infections include legionellosis which is a severe lung infections and its highly deadly.

•The causative bacteria of legionella infections mostly take residence in Aircons system and its spread very fast especially stagnant water and we know that some Aircons system uses water cooled circuits.

•On such a situation bacteria multiplies at very higher rate and then they are realised to air and when a person breath the droplets of contaminated water, one contract this deadly infection.

3.Results to respiratory diseases

•Those people who basically suffers from asthma can be at higher health risks when exposed to air conditioning systems.

•Aircons produces cold which triggers typical symptoms of asthma such as wheezing, coughing and having a problem when breathing.

• Exposure to air conditioning system for longer period of time can worsen asthma conditions and even emergence of lung infections.

4. Results to Fatigue

•When exposed to aircon conditions for longer time period, you have a higher tendency of feeling fatigued.

•This usually happens when the aircon conditions is set at very lower degrees which forces the body to work more harder meaning it will use more energy for heat production which will therefore leave you fatigued.

5.Dry and irritating skins and eyes

•For those people who have skin conditions such as eczema, staying in air conditioned environments for longer time periods can make such conditions even worse.

•This result to skins and eyes irritations. This is because in an air conditioned environment eyes and skins losses moisture which then results to itchiness and irritations.

6.Issue of getting sick very easily

•When you stay in an Air conditioned environment for longer period there is extremely change in your body temperatures especially when exposing your body to cold cool temperatures in the rooms and then you go to outdoor where their is hot temperatures.

•Through this your body immune systems is weakened and if your routine is such, you might be in a danger of falling sick more often.

•Also, lack of circulation of fresh air in a air conditioned room can facilitate the spread of viruses and bacteria’s among people in a room and therefore making them infected and sick.

7.Worsen chronic illness

•Aircon systems increases the effects of illness that you might be suffering from. For instance it can increase high blood pressure symptoms and arthritis which as a result make it very hard for you to control and regulate pain.

•Aircon systems can also cause headaches, sore throats, Raynaud disease, voice loss.

Tips and advice to avoid health problems when using air conditioning systems in Singapore.

– Moderate use of aircon system. 
Maintaining a moderate balance when using aircon systems can reduce the chances of getting infected by any aircon related infections or health problem.

– To avoid issues such as fatigue, ensure you maintain a significant outdoor and indoor temperature differences.
 A range of 8’C maximum is recommended.

– Ensure regular installation and maintenance of your air conditioning system. 
This will in a greater way reduce micro bacterial risks that can result to infections when inhaled.

– If your air conditioning system is the kind of system that usually uses water, regularly check any available stagnant water in the system installation. 
Also, ensure your aircon system water has been changed on regular basis.

– Read and familiarize yourself with the aircon user manual so that you can easily be able to follow the instructions given by the manufacturers.
 This ensure your air conditioning systems is in good state of maintenance and therefore reducing chances of infections.

– Ensure regular filter cleaning and replacements. 
Your aircon filters should be regularly cleaned up and if they get worn out, they should be replaced immediately. This ensure that the air entering your house is clean and it does not have any infections.

– If possible, it’s advisable you choose an aircon system that has an extra system of purifying the air. 
This will ensure all the air is purified before its directed in your house, room or even office.


In conclusion, its without any doubt that aircon system have some benefits to the residence of Singapore though it have it shortcoming healthy risks. From the above health problems and counter measure, I believe you can now be able to make a wise and safe decision when using an aircon system.

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