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One of the advantages of living in the 21st century is that you have power over nearly everything that surrounds you. Credit to technology, with its introduction aircon's, we can now relax comfortably in our houses without having to worry about hostile temperature conditions. It is impressive how sophisticated and reliable Air Conditioners are. However, our ambience can sometimes be disrupted by failure in our aircon's which may be caused by a number of things. When this happens, this is not the time to fret or be stressed. Maintain your cool and get in touch with us. We are discussing why you need to choose your Aircon maintenance and repair services but first let us highlight a few things that may be responsible for your air conditioners’ failure.

Reasons why aircon's fail

Actually, there are myriad reasons that are known to be responsible for air conditioners failure and malfunctions. However there are common obvious reasons that affect at least 80% of aircon's, and surprisingly they are simple things that can be prevented. They include:

Poor installation

you will be surprised to know that many people get it wrong while installing their Aircon's. Poor installation significantly reduces the Aircon’s efficiency causing it to overwork. After a few months, failure will be inevitable.

· Refrigerant leaks,

· Electric control failure,

· Drainage problems,

· Sensor problems

Evidently, all the above listed reasons revolves around one thing; inadequate maintenance. It is therefore important that you ensure your air conditioners are installed well and are frequently maintained.

Why Choose Us Your Aircon’s maintenance services?

Back to the main topic, why should you choose us as your aircon company? Be glad to know that our company has been in Air conditioner business for quite some time now and as such, we are well versed with all types and models of aircon's ranging from the old to the new brands; our experience and skills are unequalled to other companies. In addition, our employees are not only skilled but are also experienced in all maintenance and aircon servicing work. When you hire us your aircon maintenance services, We make sure to carry out the following tasks which are important for your aircon's functionality:

. Check the refrigerant and verify that it is indeed in right amount.

. Use a leak detector to test for any refrigerant leaks.

. Capture any refrigerant from system that must be evacuated.

. Measure airflow capacity coming through the evaporator coil.

. Confirm that the correct electric control sequence is maintained and that at no particular time will the heating system and cooling system operate simultaneously.

. Clean and tighten any loose connections and apply a non conducive layer on any worn electric terminal.

. Verify that belts are well fitted and are in good condition.

. Finally, check the thermostat to confirm that it is accurate.

Our maintenance services

Aircon General servicing

Under this package, we provide services that are solely related to cleaning, including cleaning the cover, the front panel, air filters, vacuuming drainage system and such.

Aircon Chemical Wash

In cases where we fill that general serving won’t be sufficient, we recommend you for chemical wash which is rather effective in breaking down stubborn dust and grease. Once we are done with chemical wash, we are always keen to test everything to ascertain that in deed your aircon’s efficiency is restored.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

This package is recommended for people who take time before servicing their aircon unit. Its benefits include; better circulation of airflow, prolonged aircon’s lifespan, prevention of any water leakage, provision of cleaner and fresh air to breath and finally increased aircon’s performance.

Aircon Troubleshooting

This service is always performed when the exact cause of aircon’s failure is unknown. Our technicians run tests on practically everything until they find what the problem is. Upon verifying the cause, they clearly explain what they found to the client, and further recommend what is to be done to correct it.

Addition to these services, our company also provide gas topping services.

What’s the catch?

Enough said, why us? As stated earlier we have been in this industry for quite a long period and we understand how clients like to be treated. We are friendly and are always keen on details ensuring that all our clients’ expectations are met. In addition our quotations are among the fairest in Singapore. For any query, or further inquiries, do not hesitate to call us.

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