Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore

Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore – When considering all of a machine’s working pieces, we can only expect malfunctions with time. We drastically reduce their life span if we do not adequately maintain our devices. This is the exact case with air conditioning units, which are systems with many working parts with all different service lives. These require periodic replacements, as well as thorough cleaning to help prevent several problems. Bacterial and fungal growths can happen quickly inside an aircon unit, potentially contaminating the air we breathe both in our workplace and at home. Such contamination can lead to serious health issues.

Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore
Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore

For this reason, many companies dedicated to selling and installing aircon units also offer aircon overhaul services. This implies deep cleaning and the disassembly, maintenance, and repair of the aircon systems they sell. Most companies that offer this service will also provide it to clients who have acquired their aircon units elsewhere. It is vital to perform periodic overhauls on aircon systems, whether installed at home, at an office, or in a storage unit. Timely overhauls guarantee the top performance of your aircon. Also, we get ahead on any future issues the device may present.

Why does an aircon unit need an overhaul?

It’s not advisable to wait for the aircon unit to present any serious issue to perform an overhaul, as it will be more costly should we wait. That said, there are common signs of future malfunction that are worth having present. Before waiting to have a significant malfunction or having to replace your aircon unit, pay attention to the following:

Bad odor.

The aircon unit may give off a funny smell as time goes by. This is common with older systems, as they have more places for unwanted buildup. However, the aircon unit requires an overhaul if it becomes regular or too noticeable.

It does not cool

When your aircon unit is underperforming, it doesn’t cool, or its cooling power has diminished over time. This is another reason to consider it needs an overhaul. It could be a problem with the compressor or a freon gas leak. Of course, the problem could be elsewhere. But do not worry: it only sometimes means your aircon unit needs a replacement. Sometimes, this issue can be solved by cleaning or replacing the filter. However, it is critical to count on the advice of a certified technician to make sure.

It makes a lot of noise.

When your aircon unit starts making strange noises, rest assured it needs a checkup. The most common issues associated with these noises are:

  • Troubles with the filter.
  • An unwanted external item near or inside the compressor.
  • Loose fitting with the support structure.

What are Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore like?

What are Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore like
What are Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore like

The main difference between an aircon overhaul and other types of service is the depth. While it can be easy to confuse with deep cleaning, there is a notable difference. During an overhaul, the objective is to disassemble the aircon unit to its essential components. Each component is checked, and the technicians will determine if it needs replacement. An overhaul also means the cleanup of every piece separately. To be more precise, an overhaul consists of the following parts:

  • Complete extraction and disassembly of the aircon unit.
  • Filter cleaning or replacement.
  • Individual exhaustive testing for every functioning piece.
  • Repairs and reserves where necessary.
  • Deep cleaning of the device, both internally and externally.
  • Reassembly and reinstallation of the device.

When does an aircon unit require an overhaul service?

It is wise to perform an overhaul at least once a year or when the equipment shows early signs of malfunction. Also, schedule in advance, accounting for when the device will be used more. Following this advice can avoid malfunctions and issues before the device is heavily used. Also, it is an intelligent way of ensuring the technicians are not saturated with work, possibly delaying the retrieval of your unit or the in-site disassembly. In full heat and cold seasons, the moment of peak use for your aircon team is right when most malfunctions appear; therefore, it is the time when the emergency calls skyrocket for aircon technicians.

What are the advantages of Aircon Overhaul Services in Singapore?

advantages of Aircon Overhaul Services
advantages of Aircon Overhaul Services

The advantages to calling for a timely overhaul service are many. In the short term, you save money on energy consumption and enjoy better aircon performance. You will notice benefits in the following aspects:

Increase in the service life of the aircon.

With proper maintenance and timely overhauls, we can extend the useful life of our device. This happens because replacing a core piece in time might save us the headache of a more difficult breakdown later. Thanks to this procedure, you can make good use of your aircon for the next decade.

Greater hygiene

Scheduling an overhaul, we can forget about our aircon nesting fungi, giving off foul odors, or hosting harmful bacteria. You can expect a decrease in the incidence of health issues such as allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

Energy saving.

Since we periodically guarantee top performance from brand-new and fully repaired parts, we can also expect to save on energy. Otherwise, faulty parts or gas leaks might force the compressor to work more than it should or be on for a longer time. This would mean an increase in energy costs.

Cost reduction.

We can expect to save money because of energy savings and improved health. Yes, it is easy to think the money saved is invested in the overhaul, but a timely reform is much more cost-effective than replacing an aircon unit completely.


A well-maintained aircon unit is one of the most vital steps to ensure a safe home or office space. We can save on costs by scheduling an overhaul, eliminating airborne pathogens, and dealing with future risks early.

Are you seeking professional and reliable aircon overhaul services in Singapore? Contact us today to find out more!

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Are you seeking professional and reliable aircon overhaul services in Singapore? Contact us today to find out more!