Aircon Installation Services

Aircon Installation Services
Aircon Installation Services

Aircon Installation Services – Tired of roasting alive in Singapore’s sweltering weather? Need to beat the heat before the heat beats you down? Sweating to death and need to chill out? You need Aircon Installation, and that’s what we provide! We supply and install new aircon!

Why do you need air conditioning?

Surrounded by warm ocean waters and under the burning heat of the tropical sun, you face a never-ending barrage from the elements. The humidity from the waters surrounding you pummel you, decreasing your body’s natural evaporative cooling. Air conditioners remove moisture and reduce heat, helping with direct heat transfer and humidity reduction. Without proper cooling, you’ll be overheating, which can even reduce your cognitive abilities, making complex tasks more complicated than in a properly climate-controlled environment.

Even in factories without air conditioning, where primarily simple tasks may be done for the most part, it still slows down cognition. It impairs motor skills, thereby needlessly increasing the risk of heat-related damage and other physical hazards around sundry machinery. What matters more, though, saving a little money or human life? Human life, of course, and promising new aircon can reduce some risks thereby!

Without good air conditioning, you risk heat stress, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke! Sure, humanity may have gone for thousands of years without this, but is it not better to reduce risks to our lives and health? However, we may rather risk it to save money. No matter what you think you can cope with, isn’t it better to make a healthier environment in which to dwell? Why bother tolerating the intolerable heat when you can have good aircon, as the aircon we supply and install here at Aircon Installation?

How does air conditioning work?

How Air Conditioners Work?
How Air Conditioners Work?

Unlike a fan, which merely works with your body’s evaporative cooling system by increasing the rate of sweat evaporation, air conditioning, as provided by Aircon Installation, transfers heat away from the environment you’re within. It’s a simple matter of physics in which a refrigerant gas is shared between two sets of pipes. A smaller group of lines in radiator fins acts as the heat sink, absorbing heat from the room you’re within; that heated gas is transferred via a valve and compression system to a more extensive set which cools off with the expansion of the gas inside.

One of the reasons professionals are needed is due to the refrigerant gas, which in older models a variety was used that could remove oxygen like halon fire suppression systems and in that way act as an asphyxiation hazard. Newer models often use gasses that don’t have that hazard in particular but may have others. So it’s best to leave it to the professionals, such as Aircon Installation professionals — and here we supply and install new aircon only!

The heat you feel exiting the outer end of an air conditioner is the heat taken from your living space. With fans alone, the heat remains, but with air conditioning provided by Aircon Installation, of which we supply and install new aircon units and never secondhand broken ones, that excess heat is removed — allowing you to rest from the heat stress of Singapore’s sun and ocean fun. Fans will move around the already warm sticky air, only made warmer by body heat and appliances like ovens or refrigerators indoors.

Fridges work on the same principles of thermodynamics as air conditioners. Still, the heat within a refrigerator is transferred from inside the fridge to immediately outside the fridge — which is indoors. Air conditioners transfer the heat from within the room to outside the home. So, are you ready to have calm, humidity-free air cooling your house and making your life safer and more accessible?

Do you know how we can help you?

We provide professional aircon installation.

Our fully legally licensed technicians will do the work for you as required by law; we are fully certified and legitimate! No hassle, friendly and polite service guaranteed; our professionals will take the pain away from the work of aircon installation and the heat of Singapore’s air.

You could always try it yourself, but why would you want to? Leave the aircon installation job to our professionals, and let us save you the building effort. Aircon Installation will provide you with a worry-free service in this matter! We have the experience and know-how; you don’t have to figure it out alone! And do you want to be lugging around heavy equipment in Singapore’s sun? No, so leave it to Aircon Installation’s professionals! Do you want puddles and mildew from improper installation? No! So leave the aircon building to our professionals!

We supply and install new aircon.

Our warehouse is bursting with new, never used air conditioning units for jobs large and small. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with poorly refurbished garbage being passed along from one customer to the next; here at Aircon Installation, we only supply new aircon to our customers!

We treat our customers with the dignity and respect they deserve, and we will never sell you broken or faulty merchandise! We only supply and install new aircon! New! Totally, absolutely, perfectly new aircon! Check our reviews and see all the happy, satisfied customers who know we provide and install new aircon unique for you! Our customers are our livelihood, and we would never cut corners or cheat you; we are professionals and love to supply and install new aircon to improve your lives!

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Are you ready to beat the heat of that endless sun? Good! It’s time to take action and contact us; begin your journey toward staying alive and keeping cool! You don’t have to face the elements alone, so pick up your phone or go online and get this started now! Let our professionals install new aircon just for you! Call us today for your Aircon Installation Services!

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