Aircon Overhaul & Chemical Wash

Singapore weather is getting unbearable nowadays. Most of us rely on air conditioner and it is not an unfamiliar machine. But are you aware that the air you breathe in when your air-con is switched on, it is nearly six times more hazardous than when you are outside. However, do you know how to maintain an air conditioner?

Why must we pay for utility bills when our air-con is not strong and cool?

All you require is to repair and service your air conditioner to solve all your problems!
Regular air-con servicing can resolved minor issues such as choke of air filter due to the particles and prevent major issue from happening. We tend to neglect annually servicing as we do not notice any small problems that are developing. These small problems will eventually develop into bigger problems that may require a replacement of your air-con. To avoid this costly mistake, have your air conditioner service regularly by a professional air-con servicing company. It is the best way to prevent problems and to protect your investments. This will also help to extend the life span and make the room fresher and cooler.

Thinking about servicing yourself?

The basic maintenance that is recommended is the cleaning of the air filter and outer panel of the air conditioner every 3 weeks. It is advisable not to service on your own as you may fall sick by breathing in those harmful bacteria and particles in your air-con fan coil units.

Start searching and seeking recommendations for a professional and reliable company. You may want to consider their experiences and compare the rates the company provide. Not all types of air-con servicing is the same, each has its own requirements.

Aircon Servicing Singapore specialist in all air-con repair services. We provide packages such as maintenance contract, yearly maintenance and repair of air conditioning troubleshooting for both commercial and residential building. We have built our reputation on being particular to all our servicing with our quality workmanship. Whether your air-con is wall mounted or ceiling unit, we are able to aid you with our professional maintenance and servicing to ensure that it is safe and clean throughout. You save money in your utility bills and most importantly, you are saving the environment by conserving energy.

Chemical cleaning should be done at least once a month and a few benefits of chemical washing:-
• Improvement of overall performance
• Removal of contaminant & particles
• Prevention of air-con breakdown
• Improvement of air-con efficiency
• Cleaner & fresher air
• Reducing electricity cost
• Prolong life span of equipment

We are able to provide you with colder air and healthier environment.

Your happiness & satisfaction is directly tied in us.

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