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Looking For Aircon Servicing? Aircon Chemical Cleaning? Aircon Repair? Installation of new/used aircon? Topping up of Aircon Gas?

Air Con Company in Singapore hasn't found its maintains its position at the top of the best Aircon service providers. They respond faster to calls, they have the best rates and most importantly, they have the best customer care service always ready to address any issue despite the magnitude.


If you are looking for a convenient Aircon service provider, then have no doubts working with the best Aircon company in Singapore. They have among the most experienced personnel you can find in the country; they have the best offer and lastly, they are ranked among the best air con service providers in Singapore. The results are guaranteed, and if you are looking to save the costs involved in maintaining the air conditioner, then the Aircon company in Singapore is the best choice.

Proper Aircon Maintenance means improved air quality, lower repair costs and lastly, longer lifespan of the system. It will also save you some energy bills and more importantly, provide comfort in your home. To clearly understand why the Aircon company in Singapore stands out compared to others, here are some of the things they do best.



Dust and in the air filter affects the system performance. As a result, you may experience extra energy bills, reduced air flow and the worst part it might lead to the breakdown of the system. Hiring Aircon services ensures that your air conditioner is cleaned and replaced in time. The Aircon Company in Singapore provides the cleaning services and to avoid inconvenience, they offer the required replacements in time.


Sometimes in the season, the drain line will dry and allow toxic gasses from the sewer to go through the line. Dry sewer line most of the times results when the drainage system is not properly inclined due to poor installation and as a result. If left unattended, you will be exposed to toxic sewer gasses. To avoid this, the Aircon repair and maintenance experts in Singapore ensure that the drain line is free of toxic gasses by vacuuming the drainage system regularly.


The best way to ensure that your air conditioner functions properly is to keep the covers, why? Dirty covers retain loose dirt that is later pushed into the system by the wind. The dust and dirt go through the filter and as a result, inhibits air flow. The Aircon company in Singapore ensures that the system's covers remain sparkling clean by removing and cleaning the cover regularly.


The air conditioner's front panel is the major determinant of air flow into and out of the system. Dirty air filters result into clogged filters, increased chances of the system parts wearing out and lastly, poor performance of the system. The Aircon repair experts will remove and clean the front panel regularly ensuring that the air you breath is pure and healthy. Cleaning the front panel will reduce the energy costs and most importantly, ensure that your air conditioner functions properly.


Most of the time you will realize that the greasy dirt on and in your air conditioner will not come out by simply dusting. Grease and stubborn dirt require specific chemicals to stay loose for cleaning and the only people well acquainted with this are Aircon company in Singapore. They have the most active chemicals that will remove all the dirt and as a result, leave your air conditioner system sparkling clean and functioning properly. Among the benefits that come with Aircon chemical wash are, reduced chances of the systems breakdown, improved efficiency reduced energy costs. Here is what they do.


* Removal and cleaning of the dirt on the front panel using chemicals. Regular cleaning of the front panel using chemicals prevents the accumulation of grease on the front panel that may in turn attract more dirt and dust into the system making it harder to clean.

* Dismantling the system's fan parts. Dismantling of the fan parts also involves removal of the bearings that are then cleaned properly. Clean bearings in good working condition ensure that the fan parts move smoothly and, as a result, avoids the wear and tear that may result from friction.

* Removal and cleaning of the covers - Involves removal and cleaning of the covers using the chemicals. Cleaning the covers ensures that there is no dirt on the covers that may be pushed into the system by wind and, as a result, prolongs the system's lifespan.


You might be away from your house for some period, meaning that your air conditioner will not be working for some time. 'Dust and dirt will accumulate in the system. Turning it on before allowing the experts to check on it might not be a wise idea. An air conditioner that has stayed dormant for some period requires proper cleaning to function properly. Aircon company in Singapore offers chemical overhaul as one of their Aircon services. Here is what they do.


* Disassembly of the whole fan coil unit - Involves removal and chemical cleaning of the fan parts. Replacing and lubricating the bearings to ensure that the parts move efficiently.

* Flushing the drainage system using chemical - Involves thorough cleaning of the whole drainage system to kill the microbes that might have accumulated in the drainage line.

* Checking the levels of the sensor and controlling the thermostat - Involves checking the levels of the sensor in the thermostat and proper relocation of the thermostat.

* Testing and commission system. Testing involves checking all the controls and parts of the system to ensure there is an appropriate balance in the functioning. By doing this, chances of accidents and breakdowns are reduced and most importantly, improved whole system's performance.

Chemical overhaul prolongs the air conditioner's lifespan, prevents water leakage and most importantly, enhances the circulation of air hence vital for the systems' performance. It also ensures clean air, reduce chances of bacterial infections and lastly, reduce significant problems.


There are some small problems you might not be able to detect until it is too late. To ensure that your system is working properly and to prevent major issues in future, it is advisable that your air conditioner goes through troubleshooting. Among the best Aircon services provided in Singapore is troubleshooting of the whole system. To get a clear understanding what this means, here is a brief description of what Aircon service providers do,

* Check and troubleshoot for any available faults with the system.

* Explain to you the magnitude of the problem if there is any.

* They will then advise you to do the repair that is highly recommended.

* They will then quote the price required to deal with the problem.

Troubleshooting is among the best solution to prevent major issues that may be expensive. The Aircon service provider in Singapore ensures that this doesn't happen and, as a result, prolongs the lifespan of the system.

In summary, Aircon services in Singapore are aimed at making your air conditioner system last a lifetime. From cleaning to replacing of vital system's parts, they are known to be the best and according to customers and also the fastest in the country. They also have the best customer service and most importantly, they have the best offer. Their services involve working on the whole system, ensuring that all the parts of the system are in a good condition.



Your One Stop Solution For All Types of Aircon Services

Your One Stop Solution For All Types of Air-con Services

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