10 Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid

A wide majority of people own aircons but are not conversant with most mistakes that are associated with air conditioners. They also have no idea on how to avoid such mistakes. The intention of this write up is to discuss the ten most frequent air conditioning mistakes to be avoided.

On most occasions, air conditioning uses more electricity as compared to other items in most homes located in warm climatic conditions. Several researches indicate that almost 70% of electric bills in homes using such gadgets are usually resulted by air conditioning services. There are certain mistakes that you must avoid in order to effectively reduce the electricity bill when using an aircon. Below are the mistakes that must be avoided while using an air conditioner efficiently and effectively while paying a bill that is economic friendly;

These are the 10 most common air conditioning mistakes that you must avoid

Purchasing an air conditioner that is very big

Most people assume that when they own a bigger air conditioner, the higher the chances of their homes becoming colder. This is not true; an air conditioner that is oversize is not capable of reducing humidity and generating temperatures that are uniform. Any time you purchase an air conditioner that is extremely big for cooling purposes during drier seasons; this will only result to the following problematic situations;

-cool the room or home rapidly and shut down immediately before commencing on air dehumidification

-cycle off and on swiftly, this will increase the electricity bill and lead to faster deterioration of the mechanism

It is therefore advisable for the air conditioner to be perfectly sized; proportionally to where it will be used so that it can perform efficiently. An extremely big air conditioner for a room or a house works intensely and is costly to run

Forgetting to put the machine on a spot that is shady

Anytime you put your air conditioning system in a hotter spot, you make it difficult for it to function efficiently and effectively. The air conditioner must be placed in a cool and shaded spot inside the house where it receives less direct sunlight

Hiding the air conditioner

It’s very important to place an air conditioner in place that is accessible, a place where it can be used whenever it’s needed. Hiding the air conditioner clogs the coil and hinders ventilation. This makes the air conditioner to run inefficiently

* Ignoring the maintenance process

It is important to clean the filter of the air conditioner frequently. It must be done at least once every two months. Proper maintenance ensures that its comfortability is improved as well as its efficiency, this assists in extending its lifespan

Closing vents that are not used

Closing unused vents blindly easily lowers the efficiency of the air conditioning system. It is therefore important to make consultations with a reliable professional before you close any part of your house during summer

Turning temperatures down drastically

For example if a temperature of 65 degrees is comfortable with you, you must never turn the thermostat down to a temperature of 56 degrees. Here, the air conditioner will only waste too much energy instead of assisting you. It will do you more harm than good.

An Air conditioner cools a room uniformly regardless of the temperature that you set. The air conditioner only assists in replacing hot air with a chilly fresh air. The aircon works at the same pace. Any time you intend to cool a home or a room by less than 15 degrees, or when you want to turn up the heat during wet season; always set the air conditioner at a temperature of your choice regardless of the season. Remember that every degree that you reduce increases the running cost by almost up to 10%

Heating up the thermostat

Make sure that heat-generating machines like lamps and stereos are kept far away from the thermostat. This will assist in making sure that the temperature does not rise up leading to spoiling and overworking of the air condition.

You must avoid using ceiling fans

The ceiling fan and the air conditioner must be used well in tandem. It is therefore important to make sure that the fun is located in a position of driving the air downwards. This contributes in the creation of chilling wind effect.

Using improper fans

The exhausted fans found in kitchens and bathrooms are capable of pushing fresh air out of homes. They must never be used when unnecessarily needed. They must only be used during dry seasons.

Air conditioners operate in a similar manner where the air flows everywhere in the room or house. Therefore, anytime you make the fan run, you disrupt the air flow and thus harming the air conditioner. This is the bottom line-never run the fan when the air conditioner is running. Running the fan simultaneously with the air conditioner leads to

– -Shooting up of the electricity bill

– -Exhaustion of the air conditioner when it tries getting the air to flow out from inside

Aircons are delicate but very vital equipments as they not only lead to numerous health benefits but also lead to environmental comforts. They provide a breeze that is so cool in homes giving a natural outdoor feeling; this is the ultimate home gadget that is vital in regulating the air

Doing repairs improperly

An aircon is just like any other device, it is mechanical and therefore needs tune-ups periodically, filter replacements, coil cleaning and dusting of the duct-work to clear the debris and make it function efficiently. When you have big trees that surround your home, there is every possibility that the leaves shed by those trees will get stuck inside the aircon leading to obstruction of air-flow. If the unit gets neglected and the repairs are not done regularly it may lead to inconveniences such as abrupt breakdowns

It is my prayer that you will avoid the aforementioned mistakes so that your air conditioner can last longer. By avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, you will be assured of optimal performance and efficient functioning of the aircon.