13 Myths and Facts About Aircon Servicing in Singapore

An air conditioner is one of the vitally important devices to install in your property. Once you install this device, you’ll need to take good care of it so it can last for a very long time. The following article is going to look at 13 myths and facts about aircon serving in Singapore so you can learn how to properly look after your own aircon units.

Aircon servicing myths

#1-Right location isn’t necessary for an air conditioner to function properly

Many people wrongly believe that their air conditioner will work properly wherever they install it and that they don’t need professional advice about the right place to install the device. They couldn’t be more wrong. When looking for a location for your air conditioner, you should consider a few factors. For example, you should not install the unit near an electric light or TV or other heat transmitting devices as they may increase power consumption and decrease efficiency. You shouldn’t also install your air conditioner where there’s direct sunlight. Only an aircon servicing professional will help you find the best location for your device. This can help your room cool faster and reduce your electricity cost.

#2-Investing in an energy saving device alone can cut power consumption

There’s no doubt that energy saving devices can help bring down electricity bills. However, this cannot be possible if the unit is not regularly serviced and maintained. Dirt and dust can not only significantly increase power consumption but also reduce the efficiency of an air conditioner. Therefore, aircon servicing is a must. Furthermore, you need to buy the right size and make sure it’s installed in the right place to reduce power bills.

#3-A running unit doesn’t need servicing or maintenance

Poor maintenance may cause accumulation of dust, clogging of filters and so on. It’s important to service your air conditioner regularly to get the best out of it. Let an aircon servicing company take care of this.

#4-All air conditioners are installed in the same way

The installation of an air conditioner varies depending on its design, air filtration, type of condenser, environmental factors, features, modes etc. You air conditioner can’t function optimally if you don’t consider these factors during installation. A professional certainly knows how to install an aircon to ensure it works best.

5#-You only need to consider your room’s size before getting an air conditioner

This is false. There are several other factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner, such as quality of the ceiling and wall, height of ceiling, materials used to build the room, location of electrical devices in the room, size of outdoor devices, location of furniture and so on. You should carefully analyze all these factors before purchasing an aircon unit. To make the right choice, contact an aircon servicing company in Singapore for advice.

#6-A bigger aircon unit will produce better results

If you buy an air conditioner that’s larger than what you need, it will cause the following:

It will cool the room or home quickly and then stop before starting air dehumidification.
It will swiftly cycle on then off. This will increase your power bills and make the system deteriorate faster.

It’s advised that you buy the perfect size of air conditioner for your home for it to work efficiently. Having an extra large air conditioner for your room or house will be expensive to run.

#7-Using fans boosts air conditioner efficiency

This is a lie. Actually, an aircon unit works in a certain air flow pattern all over a room or house, so running a fan will disrupt air flow and cause the air conditioner more harm. If your aircon unit is on, don’t run fans. In general, running fans while your aircon is on will cause the following:

Increase your electricity bills
Exhaust your unit as it struggles with the air flow

Aircon servicing facts

#1-Maintaing your aircon can make it more energy-efficient

This is one of the most important facts to know about an aircon service. Aircon maintenance is very critical if you want to make your unit much more energy efficient. As a result, this can decrease the overall energy consumption of your aircon unit and, in turn, help you save money on electricity bills.

#2-The air filter has be replaced regularly

Many people are not aware of this fact. In fact, most believe that they can continue using their air conditioning units without replacing the air filters on a regular basis. It’s critical to bear in mind that you also have to replace the air filter regularly. Be sure to get a new air filter at least once every 6 to 12 months.

#3-You should regularly clean the fan inside your aircon

Make sure the fan inside your unit is clean so it remains in good condition. Cleaning the fan will help improve the air conditioner’s efficiency and effectiveness. Make use of a vacuum cleaner to remove impurities from the fan, such as dust, dirt, and other impurities.

#4-Cleaning your air conditioner can save on maintenance costs

You have to learn about the effects and benefits of cleaning your air conditioner. If you clean your unit regularly, its overall maintenance cost goes down. This will also improve the durability of all its parts.

#5-Aircon servicing should be handled by professionals

This is a crucial fact that you need to know. Aircon servicing is something that needs to be done by licensed professionals. These experts need to have proper training before they can handle any aircon maintenance procedure. Aircon servicing professionals have the expertise to easily solve any faults in your unit.

#6-Some aircon services provide warranty

This is yet another awesome fact that you need to know about aircon services. Some companies will give you warranty, which will ensure you get quality service. You won’t have to worry about the quality of service as this warranty protects you. Different services provide different types of warranty, so you can call a few companies to know about their programs.

Since you now know the myths and facts about aircon servicing in Singapore, it’s important that you service your unit regularly to improve its overall performance and durability. Find the right aircon servicing company to ensure that your unit gets the very best care as well as attention.