6 Possible Reasons Why No Air Is Coming Out From your Air Conditioner

Most people in Singapore understand the importance of having an efficient air conditioning system installed in their homes. However, it’s imperative to know that these systems cannot work perfectly forever. At one time or another, you will tend to experience failed systems especially at the time when you don’t expect them. Mostly, the reason for the failure is something that can easily be prevented with regular maintenance.
There are many kinds of problems which your systems may undergo and one of the most common of these problems is when no air coming out. At times, the air conditioning unit wont come out but the inside fan works perfectly well and the problem could be anything to do with your thermostat, circuit breakers inside or outside the unit or other problems. It’s also imperative to ensure that there is no debris inside the air conditioning unit as it may be the reason why the conditioning system is not working. If you find out that there are certain problems in your system, you should consider seeking help from an air conditioning expert.

Here are 6 possible reasons why no air is coming out from your air conditioner

1. Thermostat settings

The reliability of programmable thermostats is wanting and if you have programmable thermostats, you have to make sure that it is not set in the “off” position. But if using the manual option, make sure that the switch is turned on. If not set properly, there is no doubt that it may fail to bring out air which is necessary for cooling your home. However, if you find that the thermostat settings are correct, you may proceed to check your indoor and outdoor units.

In most instances, the indoor units are situated in the attic or the crawlspace of your home. Check if the fans are blowing. Most units that are sold these days are designed in a manner that runs quietly as opposed to old models which were available in the market some years back. However, by standing beside the air conditioning unit, you will be able to tell if the system is running or not. Check your air vents inside the home and find out if there is something that may have blocked the pipes therefore making it hard for air to pass through.

2. Are the conditioner’s breakers turned on?

Most air conditioning units have two breakers: one on the inside and another on the outside of the unit. In some instances, you may have turned the breakers off and forget to turn them on again. Nonetheless, something may have caused them to trip. If the latter is the case, you should try turning them back on only once. If this happens again, then there is a possibility of an electrical problem in the air conditioning unit itself. Among the factors that may cause tripping of breakers include dirty condenser-coils, malfunctioning coil or lack of a refrigerant. These are serious problems which require you to schedule a service.

3. Clogged air filters

The air filters are important in making sure that your air conditioning units work pretty well. But it can be clogged by dirt to a level that air doesn’t pass through. It’s vital that you pull out your system’s filter and ensure that dirt on both parts of it is removed. You will need to clean or replace your filter once a month to ensure that it works perfectly well. A clogged air filter may make your system work harder, fail to get air out or cause overheating. You can make your air conditioner flow air regularly by ensuring that the air filters are not clogged.

4. The outer disconnect systems

The unit on the inside may be working perfectly well while the outer unit may not. If this is the case, you have to ensure that you check your systems disconnect switch which is normally located on the outside wall. If the switch is turned on, there will be no air coming out of your system. Turn on the switch and check if air flows as required. If the system doesn’t start after turning it on, there will be problem in the switches or in the capacitor and so you will need to ask for help from an expert. Do not make a mistake of fixing the problem on your own because you may end up causing more problems or damages on the air conditioning system.

5. Faulty electricity connection

When electricity doesn’t get into your air conditioning system, there will be no air coming out. To make sure that this works perfectly well, you should check the compressor which is located on the exterior part of the alternating current unit. Other parts to check are the circuit breakers, circuits and air handlers. If any of the system’s switches are turned off, this may be the reason for absence of power in your air conditioning systems. If there is a breakage in power supply, you can expect your systems to fail delivering whatever type of service it is expected of it.

6. Mechanical problems

Whenever there are mechanical problems in your air conditioning systems, there is a possibility of no air coming out. Among the most common of mechanical problems include malfunctioning compressor, condenser, electrical systems and many more. Mechanical problems should be handled by a qualified air conditioning professional and may even entail getting replacement parts for the parts that have failed. Periodic scheduled service can help reduce the occurrence of mechanical problems.


Air conditioning units play very important roles in most homes in Singapore. However, because of several reasons, there may be no air coming out of the system. Among the causes of this include mechanical problems, faulty electrical systems, problem with the outer disconnect system, clogged air filters and when the system’s breakers are turned on. You can troubleshoot these problems on your own since you can fix some simple problems. However, for major problems that involve the complicated parts of the air conditioning units, seeking the assistance of a certified air conditioning unit will be the most appropriate way to go.