7 Ways To Beat The Heat

Escaping the heat of the sun is impossible for anyone on the planet, but dealing with it is possible. The cost of air conditioning should not be high if you have the right strategies to keep the house cool. Using simple and effective tips can help you to make savings on energy that you can use on other things. For example, you can invest in new household appliances or buy new clothes. The possibilities are endless if you adopt the appropriate strategies today. The best thing about these strategies is that they are simple and easy to adopt. In addition to air conditioning, they will make your home comfortable and heavenly.

1. Wear the right clothes

For centuries, humans have adapted to the heat in their environment by wearing certain clothes to either retain or repel heat. The same situation applies today. You should not wear heavy clothes such as sweaters and cardigans when the sun is hot. You would have to cool the room temperature using the air conditioning system if you do that. Doing so would cost you by increasing your monthly energy bills unnecessarily. Instead, you should wear clothes that reflect the weather and your body temperature. Go for loose fitting clothes whenever the sun is blazing hot. You can change into something heavy at night.

2. Install blinds and awnings is a good idea

Heat travels quickly through air and a vacuum. However, it is difficult for it to move through solids or liquids because it dissipates in them more quickly than it does when moving through air. What you need to do is to increase the amount of barriers between you and the sun without turning your home into a fortress or disrupting its design. For instance, covering your windows with lightly colored blinds will reduce the amount of heat getting in your home. It will also improve your interior décor. You should also consider awnings outside your windows. They create an additional barrier between the inside of your home and the sun. They also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

3. Turn off any electrical gadget that you are not using

Electrical appliances and gadgets use electricity generating heat in the process. That is the reason why you may use an appliance for some time and then it starts overheating. Remember that computers and even laptops have a fan inside them because they overheat. Unfortunately, not all electrical appliances have fans. The heat that emanates from them moves through the house making it hotter than it has to be. You can get rid of this additional heat by simply turning off anything that is not in use. For example, switch off the TV as soon as your finish watching what you were watching. Make sure the music system is off when you are not listening to music.

4. Make sure your AC system is working properly

Installing an air conditioning system is not enough to make sure that your house is cool. This system may suffer from a number of challenges. It may have faulty wiring or a low level of refrigerant. The outside fan may also fail to function or the coil may freeze. These are all problems that can cause your AC system to fail and as such, the heat in your house may become unbearable. You should call a professional to help you out with such issues. They have training on what to do when such cases arise. For example, they know how to locate refrigerant leaks and repair them.

5. Take advantage of the cool breeze during the early morning or late afternoon

The sun may heat up your home during the midday hour to early afternoon, but it does not do so in the morning or early evening. You should do more outdoor activities during this time than you do in the cold season. For example, you can have roasted meat in your backyard. You can even sit in a patio chair while reading a book instead of doing so while inside the house. The cool breeze will help you to beat the heat which will be circulating in your house. Cooking in the kitchen may also expose you to more heat than necessary when you can just cook outside in a specialized kitchen or barbeque setting.

6. Improve your ventilation system

Trapped heat in your house will make you feel hot all day every day. You will sweat unnecessarily in addition to overusing your air conditioning system. What you need to do is to improve your ventilation system. It is a simple thing to do. For example, you can create a solar chimney that would take out most of the air heated by the sun in your home. It would also draw in fresh air through specialized inlet ports. However, the most common way of dealing with heated air inside your home is by opening windows and doors so that it may flow outside. It will leave your home with cool air that you can enjoy for the rest of the evening.

7. Cool the room that you are in only

The costs of energy are still high and prohibitive. It may not be advisable for you to spend all your money on paying energy bills when you could use the cash for something else. Try cooling one room at a time and see if that leads to lower utility costs at the end of the month. For example, if you are reading a book in your bedroom as you prepare to sleep, then just cool the bedroom. You should not cool the entire house when no one is using the other rooms.

Now you know 7 ways to beat the heat. Use these strategies to keep cool and to lower your cost. Remember that your air conditioning system is the most important strategy when it comes to maintaining a cool temperature inside your home. Make sure that the person who installs it for you does so properly. He should also check it regularly so that he can repair it if it is faulty.