8 Common Daikin Error Codes You Need To Know

Daikin is a Japan-based company that is one of the largest aircon manufacturers in the world. Its products are selling in the world over with Singapore being one of the markets where Daikin’s air conditioners are doing very well. Due to advancements in technology, Daikin’s aircon’s are electronically controlled.

The advancement has been a challenge, especially when the device jams, and it needs to be repaired. To eliminate such problems, the company has designed a mode through the aircon can indicate the error code to help in identifying the specific faulty area. The codes help the company in determining the specific help that the customer needs. There are many but here are the common Daikin error codes that you need to know.

1. L7- Outdoor input current

The error occurs when the outdoor section of the aircon is not receiving sufficient current to make the indoor part fully functional. It is important to note that most of the Daikin aircon’s are designed to utilize the environmental air and other natural resources such as warmth to condition the room.

This means that the outdoor of aircon has a lot to do with what the indoor segment is delivering. Example, to circulate enough air, it must transport it from the outside and thus the outdoor part must provide it. If there is insufficient current to allow for this to happen, error code L7 will occur. This will call for the servicing of the outdoor sections.

2. U2- Power supply insufficient

This error occurs when there is a wiring problem. It is a common error that many people suffer from, especially after moving to a new location. Sometimes, the wires supplying the electrical energy to the aircon system might be loose thus causing this problem. Similarly, the wires might be too old and almost breaking away thus causing this error. When this error occurs, the company will determine whether tightening the wires would be the best option or it will be convenient to change them if they show signs of breaking in near future.

3. LC – Outdoor transmission between inverter and the indoor unit

In aircons, an inverter is mainly used for controlling the speed of the compressor motor and the heating/cooling output. It is a unit with variable-frequency drives that regulate the speed at which the air is pumped into the room. If this part of the outdoor unit is faulty and cannot control the rate at which air pumped into the room, then LC error will be indicated.

Once you call for assistance with this code, the company will come directly to the inverter and correct the anomaly. Sometimes, the fault might be beyond repair and may call for a replacement.

Daikin Aircon
Daikin Aircon

4. L4 outdoor inverter cooling

If your aircon system indicates L4, then the outdoor system is having a problem with its temperature regulation. It is important to note that the aircon’s outdoor section must be maintained at a certain temperature for proper functioning.

If the cooling inverter for this section becomes faulty, it will be hard for the entire system to operate efficiently. In Singapore, too much heating of the inverter is the main factor causing this problem. When this error is indicated, the inverter may be serviced to improve or change it.

5. E3 – Outdoor activation of the high-pressure switch

This error occurs when the switch fails to physically respond to the commands to regulate the pressure. The whole system operates on the basis of the pressure at different times as controlled by the indoor system. If the switch fails to contribute to effecting the commands given, the code E3 will be displayed. Daikin Company will look into the extent of the damage and determine whether to change or repair it.

6. A7 -Indoor Malfunction of swing motor flap

This error code is caused by a defect on the swing flap motor. The error can be detected when ON/OFF positioning micro switch fails to reverse even though the swing flap motor is energized. The problem may be caused by different factors such as a defective indoor unit PC board, faulty swing motor or defective power connection cables.

The company will look into these three areas and determine the possible cause of the error. Some of the defects such as the swing motor may require being replaced if they are beyond repair. Power supply cables may also be changed to correct this error.

7. E6- Outdoor Compressor startup error

In case the outdoor compressor has a problem with starting up, this error will be indicated. It is important to note that the compressor generates the required pressure to pump into the conditioned room. Start up problems may be caused by various factors including faulty wiring, PCB error, high or low current than required or fan motor failure. Once you have reported error E6, the company technicians will look into these areas to rectify the problem. Some of the parts may be changed while others will just need adjustments for proper functioning.

8. CE – Indoor radiant heat sensor malfunction

The indoor system is fitted with sensitive indoor heat sensors to help in regulating setting the required temperature. There is a direct link between the indoor heat sensor and how the outdoor segment controls what is pumped into the room. The device will stop functioning if the heater sensors become defective and stop working as commanded.

9. P4 – Outdoor malfunction of Power unit humidity sensor

This is a common problem in Singapore due to its humid climate. The P4 error is caused by the malfunctioning of the humidity sensor. The sensor regulates the humidity in the power unit to prevent short-circuiting. If the sensor becomes faulty, the entire system will be exposed to damage from electrical faults. Send this error code and the company will come to service the sensor or change it if it is beyond repair.

These are the common Daikin error codes that you are likely to come across. All you have to do is to send them while applying for Daikin aircon repair services. They will help the technician to diagnose the problem easily by going directly to where the problem is.

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