8 Mistakes To Avoid On Unhealthy Haze PSI Index (Ultimate Guide)

Singapore is commonly affected by haze. During this season, everything changes. Everything takes a different dimension, from the outdoor scenes to the indoor settlements to the health conditions. When the gaze floods the air, it tends to affect the respiratory system of Singaporeans. 

The haze can also affect the eyes and the skin. For that matter, specific measures need to be taken for the sake of staying safe and healthy. Several mistakes have been reported on the Pollutant Standard Index regarding the haze. Here is a look at some of the mistakes to avoid during the haze season in Singapore.

1. Staying outdoors for long

Haze in Singapore

Singapore is one of the busiest countries in Southeast Asia, and for that, a lot of people are found outside during the day. The good thing is that even the bosses are afraid of haze’s lethal and unhealthy fumes. This calls for people to stay indoors as much as possible. 

You should check if you like unwinding and taking a break outside during the day. The haze will fill the skies, so staying outdoors will only expose you to the lethal smoke. If you want a family get-together and enjoy some meals, remain indoors for your health.

2. Ignoring the importance of an air conditioner

The aircon has been designed to eliminate unwanted hot or cold air. Also, it helps to purify the air in the house. If you need to get rid of any possible haze in the place, aircon is what you need. Ensure that you choose a high-quality air conditioner that can handle the heavy fumes of smoke. You should ask the provider and learn about the features and functions of the air conditioner. Find a licensed technician to install the air conditioner as expected.

3. Ignoring the aircon servicing

Aircon Servicing
Aircon Servicing

Another mistake many Singaporeans make is installing an air conditioning unit in their homes but failing to service it. The aircon servicing is one of the things that will help extend your air conditioner’s life. Also, it helps to get rid of the particles and smoke residues in the air conditioner. The PSI index has reported that several Singaporeans have respiratory problems during the haze season, mainly due to a broken-down system. For that, you should hire for the servicing when you have an aircon installed in your house.

4. Allowing the smoke to enter the house

Since staying indoors is advised, keeping the smoke out is equally recommended. Many people tend to leave their doors and windows open. Whether you want to pick up the newspaper or you are picking a mail in the box, always ensure that the windows and doors are closed. This will help keep the smoke outside, and in turn, it will help boost the aircon unit’s performance. Excess smoke residue in the air filters of the air conditioner will ruin its performance.

5. Choosing the wrong air-conditioner

If the air conditioner is not stable enough and is not of high quality, it might not purify the air inside your house as expected. There are fake brands of air conditioning units that need to have the right amount of energy and strength to handle thick fumes of smoke. As a result, the fumes will get stuck in the air filters and other vital components of the air conditioner. 

This will lead to a breakdown of the aircon, which will not be able to filter the air. For that, the unhealthy haze fumes will remain inside the house, leaving you susceptible to the lethal effects of the fumes. Ensure that you choose an air conditioner that is recognized and one that has the Energy Star label. This will assure you of a system that can eliminate the unhealthy haze from the house.

6. Ignoring the relevant supplies

During the haze season, some supplies will help keep you safe and free of unwanted infections. Some of them include gloves and masks. The fumes are thick and will settle on the skin when you spend some time outside. For instance, if you are bare hands outdoors, the fumes will pay on your hands. 

If you enter the house and fail to wash your hands, the germs and other microorganisms will be transferred wherever you touch. If you eat without washing your hands as expected, you will transact some infections that can be lethal to your system. You will also need to wear a mask when you step outdoors. This will help to keep you safe from the haze.

7. Ignoring the symptoms of infections

Many people also tend to ignore the symptoms of haze-related infections. If you notice any slight symptoms, you will want to check with your doctor for further examination. This will help to limit the chances of spreading the infections inside the house. If the child has symptoms, you must take them to the doctor as soon as possible. Please do not ignore any sign, regardless of its complexity.

8. Lack of contacting a professional technician

Several Singaporeans have complained of failing to fix a broken aircon. This is mainly a result of inexperience and a need for know-how. When you notice that your system is not keeping the air in the house clean enough, you will want to contact a professional technician. The technician will troubleshoot the system and ensure that it functions accordingly.

Generally, ensure that you stay safe during the haze season. 

Above all, have a reliable air conditioning unit installed in your house. Take enough water during this season and ensure you use the proper procedure to eliminate the dust from the sofa and other sensitive areas. Have your aircon serviced frequently for the sake of avoiding costly outcomes?