Air Conditioning Repairs – What To Do With a Water Leak

When you see a puddle of water on the floor inside your home, the most obvious conclusion is that you have some kind of plumbing problem. However, it is common for your AC unit to be the culprit. So what should you do if your AC is leaking water?

Where the Water is Coming From:

The water in your air conditioning system is not actually an AC repair issue. The water is drawn from the humidity inside your home. The blower fan moves the humid, warm air over a coil where the refrigerant absorbs the heat. As the heat is absorbed, the coil becomes cold allowing condensation to be formed. When the air conditioner unit is functioning correctly, the condensation is drained away safely. It drips into a tray, sloping down towards a pipe which can move the water out of your home.

Why Does it Leak?

One of the most common issues causing air conditioning repairs is water leaks. Although the system is designed to drain condensation away, if there is an underlying issue, water can leak from the system on to the floor, walls or furniture around the unit. While it may only be a minor leak, even a small drip can ruin walls and ceilings, causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Resolving the Issue

There are a number of reasons why issues can develop from the drainage system in your air conditioner. The most simple reason why your AC unit may be leaking water is that the drainpipe is clogged with debris. Even a small blockage in the pipe could allow water to back up and overflow inside your home. Another reason is that the tray has been damaged or incorrectly installed. If it has become cracked or is not sloping at the correct angle, the water would not properly drain away correctly. The best way to resolve this issue is regular servicing and maintenance. A professional specialist can check your system for any issues and clean out the condensation drain to minimise the risk of water leaks. It also provides an opportunity for preventative maintenance, to correct any minor issues before they can develop into more serious problems.

Hiring a Reputable Air Conditioning Repair Expert in Singapore

There might be a few possibilities for which you are unable to get the best and uninterrupted services from your air conditioner. It is possible that your HVAC is too old and it has lived its life. Or there might be a big possibility that the expert you are hiring for air conditioning repair in Singapore is not a skilled and knowledgeable professional.

As an air conditioner is a super luxury to every home and office that makes our living comfortable, so it becomes important to take good care of it. For the Singapore locals, it is a good news that the number of contractors offering residential and commercial air conditioning repair in Singapore is increasing every day that lets a user get the best services.

You can find many contractors offering air conditioning repair service in Singapore, but you have to be extremely careful while selecting one for your defective HVAC. For the best results, you should keep the following things in your mind:

Fair Pricing

This will play an important role in hiring the air conditioning contractor in Singapore. You should get estimates from a few air conditioning repair contractors, and then decide which company is good in terms of their pricing strategy.


You can hire the contractors that recommended to you by someone reliable. There isn’t a better way to hire a reliable contractor in Singapore as easily as through the recommendation of someone.

License and Insurance

The most important thing that you should never forget is the license of the contractor. The contractor you are going to hire must be a licensed contractor. So, ask them for their license and also confirm that their license is valid. Alongside having a valid license, the company must also be insured. Before you hire a contractor for residential or auto air conditioning repair in Singapore you should make sure that the company has both worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

Turnaround Time

Hiring someone that is located near to your home should be the right approach. This will ensure that the experts will visit your home in a quick manner and this will let you get timely and quick services. Hence, a local contractor would be the most appropriate choice in this regard.

If you have all of the discussed points in your mind, then you are probably going to hire the best air conditioning repair contractors for your defective AC. It is important that you must not forget any of the points that we have discussed here if you really want to ensure the reliable and high-quality repair work for your AC.

AC Maintenance Should Be Your Main Priority

Ensuring that you complete AC maintenance and inspection yearly through the help of a topnotch quality HVAC service company in Singapore may go a long way to protect your home and ensuring the unit’s optimum working efficiency. Majority of the customers will more than make up for the upfront cost of hiring certified professionals for yearly inspection through better efficiency.

Not only your HVAC expert will help you determine what to do whenever your indoor AC unit starts leaking water, but they’ll also be able to determine any problems while they’re easily addressed and small. Basic annual maintenance may ensure that your furnace, coils, and central humidifiers stay clean and the drain pipe fitting is secure.