Best Temperature For Aircon To Save Electricity

Air conditioners are driven by myriad fuels but the most common and probably most effective is electricity. This type of air conditioners is most preferred because they are easy to use and are not detrimental to the precious ozone layer. This said, you electrical air con might consume so much energy that it becomes a liability rather than a valuable asset for your household. Energy conservation is of utmost importance to mankind so here are some valuable tips to help manage air con electricity consumption.

1. A big mistake made by residents of Singapore-which is hot most of the time- is failure to service their air cons. This is a simple step that would ensure that the machine is in its best shape to avoid extra energy consumption. Clogged filters and tired compressors will make the whole system work harder to do the same job so you will be better off cleaning it regularly.

2. When you don’t get enough cold air in a room, remove any obstructions before resetting the air conditioner. The solution may be as simple as getting some furniture away from the air vents of your conditioner. You don’t have to pay huge electricity bills each month just because of poor interior design.

3. Shop for units that are deliberately designs to save electricity consumption. Most manufacturers go out of their way to add features that save energy and eventually your money. Choose such devices and soon, the electricity bills will not be a nightmare.

4. Give your air conditioner an easy time by choosing the right size for all rooms to avoid overworking or under working a unit. If you use one air conditioner for the whole house, it is wise to choose one with a thermostat because most use the same energy in a small or big space. Automatic air conditioners are most efficient because they are able to meet changing needs for different times.

5. If you buy the right air conditioner for your residence in Singapore, it is possible to find the best temperature at which it will save electricity. Experts worldwide have come up with countless ways to do this but basically, it is about lowering energy costs. Many advise homeowners to leave the slightest difference between exterior and interior temperatures for less energy consumption. There is a popular misconception that setting the air con a notch higher when you leave the hose consumes more energy. This myth is busted by proof that it is in fact an energy saving move as it slows down heat gain in the house. The results might not be seen immediately but in the long term, this is an energy efficient move that will save home owners a lot of trouble.

6. It is wise to run a ceiling fan that allows you to set the air con some degrees higher without suffering any discomfort. Instead of having a fan that runs on auto alongside the air con, why not install a fan that continuously runs to cool your home even without paying high bills. Letting a ceiling fan run through out is an ideal way to save energy because there will be more balanced airflow.

Conditions in Singapore are particularly hot and people spend a lot on air con units. This is the only way to maintain comfortable conditions for work but the problem is that many people work with so many brands trying to find one that is most energy efficient. If you already set the air con to the best temperature, don’t waste time turning the thermostat to achieve optimum conditions. Proper care of the system will not only increase its life span, but also cut down your bills.

If you notice that there is rust and extensive damage on any part, replace it as soon as possible to save costs. Don’t hesitate to buy a new one if the parts cannot be salvaged because ultimately, it is about cooling off at little expense. Look to purchase reputable air con brands so it is easy to set the perfect temperature for true energy savings. This will ensure a better outlook on life so that you can be more productive. Set your air con to the best temperature and care well for it to get the true benefit of proper air conditioning.

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