Can We Use An Air Conditioner That is Leaking?

The people, who are using air conditioners at their homes or in offices, surely have experienced problems with their air conditioners sometimes. It is not new for the air conditioners to develop a leak and damage the wall or floor. Most of the users have experienced the same trouble for years.

Once you get a problem, you would surely give a call to the service center. They will send a mechanic to solve your problem. But, after a few months, you may face the trouble once again. Most of the users do not know the reason behind their trouble. Let us find out the reasons first.

Reasons behind leakage:

Installation Problems
Air-conditioner leakage may ruin your peace at home, but giving a call to the service center may not work at all times. If the machine is not installed properly, water may come out of it and that may damage the machine also.

Cold temperature

If you set the air-conditioner at a low-degree temperature when the actual room temperature is much higher than that, it may cause a water leakage around the machine. If you need to use the air conditioner, you should let it match with the room temperature first and then you can control it likewise. Sudden dipping of the temperature can affect the machine badly.

Damaged or clogged drain-pipes

Damaged or clogged drain pipes may take a part in aircon leaking. The drain-holes manage the flow of water in the machine during its activation. These pipes need to be cleaned in times; else the leakages or clogs in these pipes can lead your air conditioning system to a serious trouble.

Restricted air flows

The air conditioner may get filled with dirty water in times. Dust and other air particles may block the ventilators of the air conditioners. If the machine cannot function properly due to these kinds of troubles, it may develop a leakage as the evaporator coil may also freeze to form an ice layer within the machine itself. That is why one should change the AC filters once in six months so that the machine does not get harmed.
Whenever hot air starts passing through the AC, it would start to leak. Therefore it needs to be confirmed whether the condenser of the machine is working properly. If you want to take precautions to save your machine as well as your pocket, you should call the fitter or mechanics after every six months to examine the whole system.

You need to take care of some other things to prevent aircon leakages. Many people keep the door or window wide open when they switch on the AC. The inconsistency of air-flow in the room may create trouble for the air conditioning system. If the amount of warm air is more in your room, the AC may start leaking.
Other than this, checking the drain-pipes once in a fortnight can help you to get an uninterrupted service from your aircon system. So, from now on, whenever you sense a trouble with your aircon, try to figure out the problem yourself before giving a call to the mechanic.