Causes and Solution to Bad Smell From Your Air Conditioner

Summers tend to be unbearable due to extreme temperature and humid conditions in rainy months in many countries of the world. To beat the heat, people have started using air conditioners at their homes, offices, shops and other places. Though this is a good idea to avoid the disastrous effect of summer, having the right information about AC is an advantage. At-large spaces, the use of central air conditioning is a norm but in smaller space, stand-alone air conditioners really work well. The Air Conditioners keeps you cool and comfortable on whole summer days. But some time Air conditioning creates some problem when it turns it on. One problem can be that bad smells coming from the AC unit.

Any kind of bad smell that is repulsive can be an alarming signal that points towards any kind of major air conditioning problem. It happens because of the accumulation of moisture that leads towards the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew as the water doesn’t get evaporated quickly. So whenever you sense a bad smell, make sure that you immediately arrange a maintenance servicing for your system.

Here you will know some causes for bad smells that might be coming out of your AC unit;

Dirty evaporator coils

You might at times smell you AC smelling like cigarettes when you turn on your ac and your home smell like smoking cigarettes. No one wants that the home smells like this. If you or anyone else in your home smoking, then your air conditioning system can suck the fume into the evaporator coils. The coils blast the smells of Cigarettes in your home every time whenever you turn on the AC. To resolve an issue like this, you should ensure you clean the evaporator coils.

Problems with the fan motor or compressor

At sometimes you can find burning smells coming out from the Air conditioners when you turn it on. It’s a common experience from an Air conditioner. If you turn on the heater for the first time its likely dust burning and nothing. You don’t need to worry about it. If burning indicates something problem with their compressor or fan motor, then you need to call professionals. To solve this issue, consider turning off your AC unit and check the burning odor. If it is coming from actually the air conditioner then you need to call the HVAC professionals.

Dirty drain pipes

Smell like dirty socks can also come out of you AC at times when you turn it on. When stagnant water collects inside your AC, it will cause a mildew scent to permeate through the vents each time your system kicks on. Solving this problem is simple; all you need to do is too thorough cleaning of the drain pipe that is inside your AC system or otherwise hire an expert to fix it for you.

Accumulation of critter at your conditioner

Smells like a rotten garbage can come out from your AC when you turn on your AC unit. This problem may be caused by dead or maybe a bird, mouse and other small animals inside the ductwork of you Air conditioner, and it will begin to decompose. This issue can’t be dangerous but it’s hard to survive with this kind of smell, so you should book a technician for removing the critter from your air conditioner.

These kinds of smells from your air conditioner can be harmful to you or definitely not enjoyable so you should resolve that all issues as soon as possible. For that, you should take advice from the HVAC professionals as fast as possible. As you have seen, improper maintenance is the key reason for issues that your AC system might be having. It is usually easy to tell that something’s wrong. Here is how to deal with other common problems causing these problems.

Dirty Air Filters

Furnace filters play an important role in filtering the air circulated by the AC system. When they collect too much dust and other particles, the system’s efficiency is reduced and more contaminants get into the indoor air. Most disposable air filters require replacement every 90 days at least. Permanent ones should be cleaned regularly in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

When out there in the market buying replacement filters, consider checking the minimum efficiency reporting value rating. The higher the value, the more particles the filters will capture. Also, consider the product thickness. Very thick filters may cause the AC system to work harder. For most families, the disposable electrostatic filters are a good choice because they can capture most types of particles and microorganisms without affecting the system’s performance adversely.

Drain Line Clogging

Among other common cause of this kind of problem are algae and dirt. For in case the drain lines are clogged, the drain pan will overflow and this will lead to water damage. Solving this problem is simple; the common way is to use a wet vacuum for extracting the dirt and algae. You need to attach it to the exterior outlet, after removing the paper filter, of course. It is best to start off with gentler suction, just to be on the safe side. This job requires some skill, so you may consider turning to an AC repair specialist.

One method for preventing clogging is to pour a cup of white vinegar into the line system from the inside. It works effectively while being an extremely cheap solution. Generally, white vinegar cannot damage the pipes, regardless of their make. If you have concerns, however, you should check specifically for the material which yours are made from.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser unit is installed outside so the coils can get dirty quite quickly. When this happens, exhaust air is not properly released and the AC system has to work harder and use more energy. Use the garden hose to remove the dirt. Make sure that the spray is not very powerful as it can bend the coils. For this reason, you should not use a pressure washer for this job. If there are any bent coils, you should straighten them after the cleaning. There are plastic combs which are specially designed for this job.