Difference between Aircon General Servicing & Chemical Servicing

How often do you have your air-conditioning systems checked and serviced? The general norm will 3 months for residential usage and 1 month for commercial usage. What are the types of servicing which you can decide is best for your situation? We would like to introduce either General Servicing or Chemical Servicing for your air-conditioning maintenance needs!

Firstly, introducing General Air-Conditioning Servicing where it is normally provided as a solution in the event where an air-conditioning system requires regular servicing in a monthly frequency. Its cleaning features available are cleaning of evaporator coils, condensate drain pan, condensate water drainage system, blower wheels and blades with clear water. Visual and physical checks features such as checking of electrical components, all related air-conditioning settings present in the systems and on the refrigerant system. Lastly for this category of service will include lubrication for all moving parts in the system.

Next, would be Chemical Servicing for Air-Conditioners where it is introduced for systems which have been in operation for many years without proper maintenance. Servicing features will include such as removing evaporator unit and re-installation of the evaporator unit with chemical. This category of service has all cleaning features of General Cleaning included in its package!
Why is it so important to provide these two categories of air-conditioning services you may ask? Well, for every year an air-conditioning system is not properly maintained, its operating efficiency is affected and this will equate to a 5% drop annually.

How do we view this drop in efficiency? How would it affect the individual or corporation? There is a very simple explanation for this scenario! Its performance affects the systems as the breakdown possibility and electrical consumption increases with time without proper maintenance. With these situations occurring will lead to increased repair and electrical bills to pay for.

To prevent this situation from occurring, we would recommend air-conditioning systems to be regularly maintained. But with this stated, servicing can also be flexibly scheduled based on the amount of usage. For an example, where in a residential setting, the air-conditioning system is under-utilized based on the hours per week. Its servicing schedule can be set at a later date instead of the usual recommendation of a monthly basis. This is based on the discretion of the individual to save both time and money.

Now you would also wonder next, how can maintenance be of help to maintain the efficiency of the air-conditioning system? The answer is, with regular maintenance, at most 95% of its efficiency will be ensured for performance.

With this valuable information for planning and scheduling your next air-conditioning servicing needs, it will save you from the agony of regular breakdowns and high costs.