Do Aircon Normal Servicing Include Topping Up Of Gas?

Air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in any household that makes sure you live a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, proper maintenance of air conditioner is important to make sure it performs reliably. However, there are many aircon servicing companies that either bill you improperly for the services they provided, or they perform unnecessary maintenance procedure to rake up the servicing costs. One such service is, topping up of gas in air conditioner. There are several service providers who have made it an integral part of their aircon servicing, but in fact it’s shouldn’t be part of normal servicing.

Why Aircon Topup Gas Is Not Part of Normal Aircon Servicing?

· Leak-Proof Connections 

Most of the people are don’t know the fact that air conditioners don’t use Freon to provide cooling performance. Therefore, topping-up refrigerant is not necessary when air conditioner is working in ideal conditions. The only case when topping-up of gas is needed are the times when air conditioner shows signs of leakage. This leakage leads to lower levels of gas in air conditioner. However, in present air conditioners all the connections are welded in such a way that there are less chances of any leakage to happen. Therefore, when an air conditioner servicing provider claims that your air conditioner needs topping-up of gas, you must verify, whether its leaking the gas or not.

· Gas Is Not Consumed While Cooling

Air conditioner doesn’t consume the gas when it’s completely active, thus the chances that gas levels would reduce during the time you use your air conditioner are absolutely zero. Therefore, there is no need of aircon topup gas when your air conditioner is working in good condition. The only way to reduce the gas levels in your air conditioner is by leakage. You should never allow your air conditioner servicing company to convince you otherwise, and end up paying unnecessary costs for servicing.

· Increases Servicing Costs 

The cost of topping-up gas in your air conditioner is always higher. Therefore, when you or your air conditioner service provider decides to top-up gas in air conditioner, you must verify whether it’s necessary or not. This is the primary reason that reliable aircon servicing companies don’t keep this service as part of their normal maintenance schedule. However, sub-standard service providers would encourage the customers into believing that topping-up gas in air conditioner is part of normal servicing and they must pay for it to get better air conditioner performance.

· Environmental Issues

The Gas used in air conditioner is not good for the environment if released. When the gas is refilled, it’s important to use standardized equipment to make sure that there are no chances of any leaks to occur. However, sub-standard servicing companies usually recommend unnecessary topping-up of gas. Therefore, you are never sure about the quality of equipment they are using, and you might end up paying extra for something that’s potentially damaging your immediate environment. 


Next time when you decide to select aircon servicing provider, you must make sure that they are not pushing you to pay for aircon topup gas charges, if your aircon is working properly.