Finding An Air Conditioning Professional In Singapore

The advent of technology has proved to be a blessing for human civilization. It’s the technology that has made it possible for us to relax even in the hot climate of Singapore by providing us air-conditioners. However, all the technology based equipment require some maintenance and servicing to keep working efficiently over the due course of time. Air Conditioners require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure their efficient working. Providing these maintenance services is not possible for every individual as it requires proper training and special tools to do so. Hence we need professionals to do this task. Fortunately for us, these professionals are available quite easily these days, but we should, however, be careful about the quality of the work offered before hiring any one. Following are some points that may help you to get the best professional contractor for maintenance servicing of your air-conditioners.

Things to ensure before choosing an air conditioning servicing technician.
1. Market Study

Whenever you think about getting a professional contractor in Singapore for the servicing of your air-conditioner or any device as such, the excellent way to go about it is to start with an extended market research. You should talk to your neighbours to know about their experiences with different contractors in your locality and should try and talk to maximum people that have had an experience with these contractors in the past. Take all the feedback into consideration before finalizing a contractor.

2. Qualification & Certification

To ensure the quality and standards you should always ask about the qualification of the contractor you shortlist. You should also inquire if the contractor you have is a government certified and an authorized professional. This way you will be guaranteed that you are giving the work to a capable professional and are being charged genuine and are not being robbed by some untrained professional.

3. Experience

Hiring an experienced professional is always an asset to any project. You can ask the contractor to show you his past work and based on that you can identify the kind of experience he has and the style of his working. The more experienced contractor you choose more value, you will get for your money.

4. Availability

Your air conditioning unit might break down at any time of the day and during any day of the week. You should hire a professional that is quickly available and can deal with the situation, thereby saving you time and discomfort. For this you should ideally hire some professional contractor that is close to your neighbourhood and can act promptly to any situation and is available on all days of the week and any hour of the day. If you take care of all the above things, then you offer yourself with a highly efficient professional contractor who will provide great value services for your money and will save you from all the discomforts of the hotness in Singapore and will prolong the life of your air-conditioners.

What are the services that an air conditioner servicing professional in Singapore can help you with?

When it comes to air con repair and servicing in Singapore, it is always recommended to get an expert professional to help you do it. It is because a ventilation system unit is more mind boggling than what you might suspect it might be. In your aircon unit, there are refrigerant gasses, compressors, fans, blades, loops, electrical starters, indoor regulators, etc. Sometimes there are just too many things for you to know it all.

Below are among of the services that an air conditioner servicing professional in Singapore can help you with:
1. Replace or repair your air conditioning unit.

If your unit is too old, it makes more sense for you to replace it with a new, energy saving, and high-efficiency unit. You need to replace your unit especially when your old unit is worn out and ineffective. You can also repair your current unit, and it may seem to be the least expensive option. However, it does cost more in the long run. My advice is that if your unit is already old and worn out, paying for repairs on it may only delay the need to replace it with a new one. By making the decision to replace it now, you can now install a new and energy efficient system which will prove to be much more cost effective.

2. Installing an evaporative cooler.

If you live in a hot and dry region, an evaporate cooler may be a good alternative for you. As evaporative cooler use less energy than standard air conditioner units, you can be able to switch it on more often without the worry of getting an expensive air conditioner bill every month. You should check with your local air conditioner experts and ask them whether evaporative cooler is suitable for your home.

3. Sizing your air conditioning unit.

A bigger unit does not necessary means it is better than other smaller units. Oversized units can be less efficient at dehumidifying your home. Oversized unit further cycles on and off more often, which will result in quicker wear and tear. This will, in turn, shorten its service life, increase the frequency of repairs, and reduce efficiency, hence spending more money. Moreover, it costs more to purchase a larger unit. Therefore, it is always good to ask for advice from a professional before any purchase. These are only a few examples of what guidance and information an aircon expert can offer to you. A professional is always needed when dealing with sophisticated air conditioning issues such as installation and design work. Therefore, hire wisely and save yourself some troubles from now on.


Just ensure that before you hire any company, you do look into their reputation. While there are some great companies you can get what can provide you with quality air conditioner services, you will note that others will have some red flags. By taking your time to understand what you can expect, you do decrease the probability of having problems with the company you choose and instead, you will have a chance to move forward and enjoy the time you can spend with your family in a properly cooled home.