How Aircon Servicing Can Actually Save You Money

An air conditioning unit is one of the must-have appliances in many homes today. With an aircon, you can be sure of a home that is free from too much heat or cold. The unit helps to regulate the temperature and ensure that you are living in a comfortable environment. A proper and regular maintenance of your air conditioning is highly recommended. With the regular maintenance, you will be enhancing the life of the unit. Also, it helps you to save money and enjoy the unit in peace. When you service the aircon, it is not just any part, but some specific parts are known to be costly when they are not serviced perfectly.

Here is a look at the common parts that needs servicing to save money:
• The filters

These are supposedly the most common replaceable parts of the aircon unit. The filters must be cleaned or replaced whenever they is the need to service it. The filters will mostly be clogged or blocked with the dust particles and other dirt. This will block the free flow of air through the aircon unit. The dirt can pass the filters, and the will reach the coils of the aircon. When the coils are affected, the heat absorption will be affected. If you have an air conditioner with clogged filters, the energy consumption will be increased. When you replace or clean your air filters in the aircon, you will limit the energy consumption by around 15%. If the energy bills are low, you will save money. If the filters are replaceable and reachable, you can change then easily. Though it is advised to contact a professional to take care of the filters, if they need to be replaced. Ideally, clean the air filters after a month or two, depending on how long you use the aircon, or where it is placed.

• The coils

The aircon coils include the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. These coils help to collect the dust that get through the aircon. They need to be cleaned as regular as possible. The coils are located near the filters, so when the filters are clean, the coils will also be clean. In the same way, if the air filters haven’t been cleaned or replaced for a while, the coil will also be dirty. Dirt that accumulate on the coil will insulate it, and this will limit the ability of the coil to absorb the heat. So if you want the aircon to cool the house, it may not be able to do so, due to the insulated coils. As a result, the aircon will use up more energy to push the power to the coils, which will be in vain. This will only raise the energy bills, which will be a waste to your finances. Just like the air filters will need a professional to locate them and clean or replace them. Also, you can follow the manual to learn how to clean it easily.

• The coil fins

The coil fins are made of aluminium, and they are located on the evaporator and condenser coils. The fins will bend easily, which will then block the air that flows around the coil. When you hire a professional to service the aircon, they will straighten the air coil fins using a fin comb. With the coil fins straight, the flow of air will be free, and the energy consumption will be reduced.

• Window seals and condensate drains

You should use a stiff wire to push through the drain channel. Do this when the aircon is clogged and the unit is not functioning accordingly. If the unit is clogged, it will not limit the humidity around the room. The moisture can get in the room, and it can discolour the carpet or the painting of the walls. In the long run, you will use the money to buy a new carpet or new wall paint. These are the parts that are mostly affected by the dust, which is why they must be serviced as regularly as possible. This shows that regular servicing of the aircon unit helps to save money. Here are some of the reasons why it is vital to service the aircon unit regularly.

• It limits the energy consumption

When the dust accumulates on the filters, it will mean that the aircon will not pass air as usual. The unit will struggle to run due to the blockage of the dust in the filters. As a result, they unit will overheat and the energy bills will be on the rise in the long run. The dirty coils will be insulated, which will mean that the aircon unit uses more energy to keep the room cooler. Servicing helps to clean the coils and keep them in a state that they can absorb the heat and keep the room cool.

• Cuts on the medical bills

If the filters are clogged and covered with dust, you will stand a risk of inhaling the dust particles. The dust particles will be blown back into the room when the aircon is running. This makes it dangerous, especially for the people with a delicate breathing system. However, when the unit is serviced accordingly, there will be no dust particles blown into the room. This will make everyone in the house healthy. When people are healthy, there will be no or limited medical bills. So you most definitely need to service your aircon as regular as possible.

• It prevents the breakdown of the unit

Other than the parts failing to perform some functions, the unit can break down when it is not functioning well. If the filters take long when they are clogged, they will end up not functioning in the long run. Also, when the coils are clogged with dirt, they may stop functioning completely. That will make the entire system break down. For that, always ensure that you contact the right service provider to take care of your aircon.
With the proper aircon servicing, you can save lots of money. You will also enjoy the full functioning of your air conditioning unit when it is well serviced. There will be no worries about whether the unit can serve you for the specified length if it is serviced accordingly.