How an Aircon Works and How to Maintain it

Currently, the use of air conditioner has really risen, as temperatures are soaring every day. Most individuals normally make the use ofthe aircon’ss during the hot seasons but eventually ignore them during off seasons. If you own an air conditioner and you want to it to be always in a working state and last for a considerable long time duration, there are as some certain precautions regarding its maintenance that you have to adhere to. This is because if the device is not effectively maintained, it can easily become defunct, thus making you spend lots of cash in maintaining it. In this articles we are going to look at some tips that can assist you maintain your AC efficiently and effectively as well as how an aircon normally works.

How an Air Conditioner Works

Converting Heat into Cool Air:-

An aircon often works by making use of energy to convert heat into cold air. Basically, it does this by using compressor cycles much like refrigerators, only in bigger openings. These cycles normally allows heat to be transferred easily from the inside of a person’s home to the outside of his or her home. Don’t you think that that is indeed great?

A special fluid that is referred as a refrigerant is usually used in this process, whereas heat is absorbed and then released as it goes on the outside of the house. Typically, the refrigerant during the cycle changes in state between liquid and gas. Whenever the refrigerant happens to change from liquid to gas, it often absorbs heat. Afterwards it then changes back from gas to liquid. This liquid is passed via an expansion device which changes this liquid into a low pressure mixture of gas/liquid. The heat is then absorbed and it is this heat that turns into low temperature gas.

Tips for Maintaining AC Efficiency

The following are some of the tips that can assist you effectively maintain your air conditioner. They include;

Tip1: Air Filter Replacement

It is essential that you always replace the AC’s air filter from time to time as per the recommendations in the product manual provided by the manufacturer. Note that the cheaper the filter is, the more likely you’ll require replacing it. It is thus ideal to go for a good quality one regardless of the price, which when installed can last for a long time period. There are some filters that are required to be cleaned at least once in a month. If your AC’s filter is one of them try to ensure that you clean it every month so as to reduce chances of it getting worn out.

Tip2: Maintaining the Thermostat’s Temperature

Try to maintain the thermostat’s level at a constant level of temperature, no matter if you are using it or not. This is because constant temperature will enablethe aircon’s to perform less while providing energy.

Tip3: Maintaining the Cooling Coils

It is ideal that the cooling vents are thoroughly cleaned and checked at least once after twelve months. You can clean these devices by inserting water on them using pressure pump. However, you must switch offthe aircon’s while performing such task.

Tip4: Maintaining the Air Vents

While protecting your AC, try to ensure that some type of absorbent protection is available under the air vent’s return. Ifthe aircon’s is not properly maintained, water may easily come out via these air vents.

Tip5: Maintaining the Compressor

The compressor requires to be kept away from dirt and dust. If you want to effectively get rid of these dirt and dusts, try utilizing a water hose. By doing such to your AC, you will assist the air flow easily to perform more expeditiously across the AC’s cooling fins. When you do not requirethe aircon’s, for instance during the winter season, simply cover its compressor using a clothing material that prevent any dust from penetrating and accumulating. Try also to close examine if the AC’s hose connections have any leaks, and if its condensate tube is able to drain very freely.

In conclusion, in addition to the above mentioned tips try to take your AC to a qualified technician from time to time. At the end of the day proper maintenance will definitely make you receive very little electricity bill.