How To Dismantle Aircon Unit?

Air conditioners are must haves in most homes because of their great use in cooling and air purification. A good home in Singapore cannot be complete without air conditioners. There are different types of air conditioners that you can fix in your home. Just like any other normal home appliance or product the air conditioners, might become worn out or become spoilt at one point. Most air conditioners become spoiled as a result of dirt or dust accumulation, power effects or generally by getting too old and overused. This will definitely call for the dismantling the whole aircon system, and being an equipment that uses power one has to be extra careful when dismantling the unit. You might decide to dismantle your unit with the aim of fixing the problem or with the aim or replacing it with a new one.

There are steps to be followed, which include the following:

Make sure that the power to the aircon unit if switched off

When dismantling the aircon first make sure that you disconnect it from the power by switching off the main switch. This is just a safety precaution measure to protect you from any kind of electric shock.Do not take the risk of dismantling the unit when it is still connected to the power line or main switch.

Disjointing the outer and inner part of the conditioner

The next step will be to disconnect or disjoint the inner parts and the outer parts of the conditioner. This can simply be done by removing the copper pipe which is the connecting link between the outer layer of the conditioner and the inner layer. Remember, you cannot dismantle the unit without disjointing the outer and inner units.

Remove the inner part of the unit from the wall or its position

After disjoining the inner and outer part of the unit, you will then proceed to remove the inner part of the unit from the wall. This process is simple as all you will be required to do is to untie all the screws and get the unit off from the careful when removing the unit from the wall, to prevent it from falling down.

Pick the important parts of the unit

After removing the unit from its position and opening it you can remove some vital parts and connections that can still be of important use. The parts might include wires and screws.

Removing the outer part of the unit

After removing the inner part of the unit, you can then proceed and remove the outer part form the wall. Using the same process as the one you used in removing the inner part, remove the screws and get the part off the wall. Be careful when removing the outer unit especially if it is at a higher point.

Emptying the conditioners refrigerant

All aircons have refrigerant units or components which perform the cooling functions within then system. When dismantling the unit it is advisable to make sure that you empty the entire refrigerant before proceeding. This ensures that there will be no pillages during the dismantling process.

Fixing the problem

If the aircon unit had some internal mechanical problems you can take time and identify the specific problems and try to fix them. After fixing the problem the unit can be returned to position or it can as well be replaced with a new one. Fixing the problem might involve removing and clearing any dirt that might have accumulated inside the unit or fixing any mechanical faults within the unit.

If your aircon unit is field at a higher point it will be advisable to use a ladder when getting it off its position.It is a risky affair trying to remove the unit fom the wall while tiptoeing or while standing on a table or chair. One can hire the services of professional air-conditioner installers in Singapore who have the right tools needed in installing and dismantling all kinds of air conditioners. The service can also be offered by the product manufacturers or suppliers of the particular conditioning unit. After dismantling your unit completely and removing it from the wall it is good to seal all the holes on the wall especially if you are not replacing the unit.