How To Fix Leaking Mitsubishi Aircon?

At some point in time, all car owners will have to fix Leaking Mitsubishi Aircon. This could happen when you have no cooling from your system or you hear noises coming from the air handler or condensing unit. The common problems that will need to Fix Leaking Mitsubishi Aircon are:

1. Condenser fan motor failure

If you hear noise coming from the outside condensing unit, you can determine if it is coming from the fan motor or the compressor. This is done by checking to see if the fan blade is turning and hot to the touch. It’s most likely indicative of a bad fan motor.

2. Cooling is not evenly distributed

Check your ductwork in the attic for possible separation or holes which could be letting out the cool air into the attic.

3. The unit does not cool sufficiently

This leaking may be caused by a clogged air filter or lack of maintenance. It could also be due to a refrigerant leak. If you have performed maintenance recently and you know the air filter is clean, then contact a service technician for further investigation of the cooling problem.

4. Compressor short cycling on and off

This can be caused by the low refrigerant in the system. Before calling a service technician to perform a leak test on the unit, try cleaning the condensing coils first.

You will notice that dirt is the most common cause of most air conditioner troubleshooting. Since it is the air filter which catches all the foreign particles in the air, you need to change them frequently to prevent dirt from getting into the system. Performing preventative maintenance twice a year is best to keep your system clean and to operate efficiently. This will help prevent unexpected breakdowns with the unit especially in high peak seasons when you need it the most.

How to

It’s important to check the operation of the car air conditioner because these are big ticket items to repair. You REALLY miss them when you need them and they don’t work.

Start the engine

To check the air conditioning, start the engine and let it warm up for a few minutes. Turn the air conditioner on. Unless it’s very cold outside (below 32 F), the air conditioner compressor should click on immediately.

The compressor should stay on for at least 10 seconds

The air conditioner compressor should stay on for at least 10 seconds. If the compressor seems to click on and off every 3 seconds, the system is probably low in Freon. Being low is a relatively simple problem to fix. Why it’s low is almost always a more expensive problem. Within a few seconds chilled air should blow from the vents.

If you do not feel the cool air, it is possible that the auto air conditioner is not functioning. In addition to the fact that the auto air conditioning problem might be very expensive to repair, this also points to the possibility of the car being involved in a front end collision.

Check speed
Try all of the fan speeds. It isn’t uncommon for some of the speeds to have failed.

A big problem with air conditioners is a leaking air conditioner core. A leaking core only gets worse with time and is very expensive to repair. With the air conditioner on, if you smell moist air coming from the vents with an antifreeze smell, beware. If windows become foggy, this is an indication of a leaking air conditioner core.

This is an easy problem to spot and a costly problem to repair. I would skip this car and move on to the next one. Yes, there is always the next one. A little extra work now will provide years of benefits.

Most problems detected while troubleshooting is related to the lack of maintenance. Replacing the air filter is something you should do as a step in troubleshooting. Cleaning your condensing coils or cleaning your drain line is just a few troubleshooting tips to check.

For air conditioner troubleshooting that you cannot figure out, a service company will need to be called to come out and diagnose the problem for you. Always have the technician show you the part that needs to be replaced or repaired. A good service technician will take you to the problem and explain what happened and why the part went bad.