How to Prevent Mould from Growing on Aircon

An air conditioner can help you in living comfortably in the hot and humid environment of Singapore during summers. But this humid and moist environment also causes the growth of mould not only in your aircon but also in the entire home due to its infestation in your air conditioner.

The cool and refreshing air coming from your aircon can help you to have a sigh of relief from humidity and hotness, especially when it is too hot in summer season. But, if you have not maintained it properly and regularly, like other household equipment, then it can cause infestation of mould on the walls of your room. In fact your air conditioner requires regular aircon servicing to ensure its efficient working.

Aircon and mould

You might have heard of the growth of moulds, especially black moulds, in a household. Usually people want to get rid of these moulds and search for various methods for this purpose. But do you know these black moulds can be problematic for your aircon?

In fact moulds are a kind of fungus which appears on the walls and corners of your home in various colors like green, brown and black etc. Usually they change their colors in different stages of their growth. During their growth period moulds look like patches made of thread like materials.

Moulds usually grow on any surface if it is made of organic materials like leather, drywall or paper etc. and has moisture as they use such surfaces as their food. In this way, an aircon becomes an ideal place for the growth of moulds as it contains lots of dirt, debris and moisture which are a good source of food for them.

Moulds grown in your air conditioner, travel through your home, after getting out of its vents. They start growing on the walls of your home if they find a suitable place there for their growth. But cleaning the moulds is not an easy job. In Singapore you may need to call an aircon cleaning service to get rid of this serious issue.

Prevention is the best cure

In fact, you cannot get rid of moulds completely. So it is better to prevent their growth to provide a clean and healthy environment to your home. Though you can find wide range of information online to get rid of moulds on your aircon but most of them fail to provide desired results.

Actually, it is not possible to get rid of moulds because these microscopic tiny reproductive bacteria are found everywhere in the nature. These bacteria release some material regularly that look like the patches of moulds on your walls. They travel throughout your home to find a suitable place, moist and humid as source of their food, to form their colonies.

But, if you cannot remove them from your home completely then you will have to find ways to prevent their infestation on your aircon so that you can check their growth in your home. Main reason of stopping the growth of moulds on your aircon is the health risks it can cause to the inhabitants of the home. You can prevent the growth of moulds in your home as well as on your aircon by following the tips provided here under.

Tips to prevent moulds on your aircon

The cover on outside unit should be opened: 
The growth of moulds can be encouraged by keeping the outer unit of your aircon covered. It will condense water on the coils of its condenser. It will attract more dust and dirt when opened, while using it next time, which can increase the risk of certain health problems due to passage of dust through its filters. Thus, an aircon cleaning services can prevent the growth moulds by choosing filters of right type and rating.

Clean its filters regularly:
 You should ensure that the filter of your aircon is clean by checking its filter regularly. You can also opt to use disposable filter so that you can change them whenever required. You should clean your aircon filters by using warm water and soap, if it is not a disposable one.

Clean its fins from front and back both:
 You can also focus on the removing dust from the blades, base cover and the opening of the duct as much as possible. You can also wipe the fins carefully to remove dust from them. You can also clean stubborn dust from the fins by using brushes with medium stiffness. You can use a tool known as fin comb to straighten its bent fins. You can also wipe the interior of the vent of your aircon by using a flexible mop and the solution of water and bleach.

Re-install the filter after drying it: 
After cleaning the filter carefully you should allow it to dry completely by wiping away the excessive moisture. When the filter is completely dry then re-install it in your aircon before starting it to enjoy its cool air.

Check for accumulation of moisture and leakages:
 If moisture accumulates anywhere in your aircon, either due to some leakage or due to some other reason, then you should immediately call a professional service provider for aircon servicing to prevent the infestation of moulds in your home.

Discard materials that encourage mould infestation:
 All the materials in your aircon that help in infestation of mould should be removed carefully from it to dispose of them safely in a bag made of heavy gauge plastic.

Call on professional cleaning service:
 If you find it difficult to clean moulds form your air conditioner then you can call a professional service to meet the needs of aircon cleaning. They usually have all suitable equipment, knowledge and experience to deal with such problems in your aircon.

In this way, proper and regular maintenance is the only key to prevent moulds on your aircon in Singapore. You should clean your unit regularly to avoid the growth of moulds as they grow fast in humid and moist environment. You can also prevent the growth of moulds in your home by ensuring the cleanliness of its filters.