How to Save Electricity on Aircon in Singapore?

High levels of humidity due to tropical climate in Singapore increase the use of air conditioners even during the night which increase load on your pocket due to high consumption of electricity. Air conditioners are among the highest power consuming electrical appliances used in offices as well as homes. By following the aircon tips provided in this article you can save a considerable amount of electricity used by your air conditioner and your hard earned money chewed by it. Before the electricity bill makes a hole in your pocket you should know about the tacts to reduce the consumption of power through your air conditioner.

Tips to save electricity on aircon

Use your remote control to set the thermostat of your air conditioner at the temperature just 5 degree lesser than the usual night temperature of your room. This will make you feel cool and comfortable without forcing your air conditioner to use excessive electricity. For instance the usual night temperature of your room is 35 degree so you should set your air conditioner at 30 degree to make a soothing feel in the room. Most of the people set the temperature of the AC as low as possible, but this is a really bad habit.

Keep your air conditioner in shaded place as air conditioner direct facing the sunlight may increase the consumption of electricity by at least 3-4 % because the gases needed for cooling the room gets heated up in direct sunlight.

Frequent and regular aircon servicing can also help in reducing your power bills. Changing the air conditioner filters as well as cleaning it frequently can help in improving its working. Filters help in restraining micro fibers and dust particles from entering into the blowers and cooling coils of your air conditioner which will also effect the consumption of electricity as can desired cooling effect very soon.

Set the speed of your blower fan according to the temperature or usage of the room. At night the room temperature should be left to cool down by itself which can be maintained efficiently by increasing the speed of blower fan.

The style of using air conditioner also affects the consumption of electricity. You can reduce power consumption by using your air conditioners occasionally, irrespective of its kind. In this way you can save your hard earned money not only from electricity consumption but also from the wear and tear of the motor as well as bearings of the air conditioner.

You should also install blinds or shades in the rooms where enough sunlight is received in day time as they will reduce the heating of your room which will need lesser cooling effort by your air conditioner and hence the consumption of electricity.

Thus, you can considerably save electricity on your aircon in Singapore by following these aircon tips. They will help in reducing considerable amount of consumption of electricity through aircon servicing and other preventive measures. In this way you can save not only your hard earned money but also the environment of your planet.

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