How To Solve Air Conditioner Water Leaking Problem?

Having aircon water leaking problem? The main job of an air conditioner is to remove excess moisture from the rooms and cool the air to provide us comfort. During this operation, they also generate lots of water. The amount of water depends upon the humidity in the air, operating efficiency and size or the machine, and the way it was installed by the technician.

The water that is removed from the air during the operation falls down from the cooling coil and collects at the base. From here the water flows to the rear of the air conditioner. Some of this water is used for cooling the heating coil, while the remaining drops down from the opening at the rear of the air conditioner. This happens when machine is working properly.

However, air conditioners can also leak water and Aircon water leaking problem can drive you crazy especially when you are unable to find the cause of the problem. The following are the common reasons for the leakage of water in air conditioners.

* Icing up- Water after being dehumidified may become ice if there is problem in the cooling system. There are several reasons for an AC to produce ice. A technician and find the exact reason for water dripping water in the machine. If ice is there in the cooling coil of an air conditioner , you will need service.

* Improperly installation– An air conditioner is slightly lower at its rear than on front. This allows easy drainage of water at the back of the machine. However, if it is not installed properly, then water will flow in the room instead of going outside.

* Drain hole blocked– One the rear side of air conditioner, there is a drain hole to allow the drainage of water. If it gets blocked, water may back up. If you are not sure what is happening, or the reason for leakage, immediately call an air conditioning technician for service and repairs.

* Air leakage around the air conditioner– If warm air enters from the side of the air conditioner, it will immediately encounter cooler and dryer air, which may lead to condensation. If water is leaking from the front of the machine, check if water dripping water happens occasionally or frequently. This can be stopped by adding foam insulation on the sides to stop warm air from entering inside the room.

* Dirty filters or blocked heat exchanger– When heat exchanger coil or filters are dirty or blocked, it may restrict the flow of air, which may lead to the drop in temperature of the coil. If coil temperature drops down to zero, then moisture in air condensing on the coil may freeze and form small ice flakes that may blow out of AC causing water leakage.

Correcting Aircon water leaking problem is definitely the job of professional. AC technicians keep special gadgets for blowing out drain lines within minutes. Moreover, they know how to handle a machine. They also keep preventive chemicals to remove algae so that it won’t happen again in the season. Therefore, get in touch with a professional technician that has been in this field since years and can offer you quality service at affordable rates.