How To Solve F95 Panasonic Error Code?

Wondering how to solve F95 Panasonic Error Code? Owning any electronic device (let alone an air conditioner) means that, you are going to have to maintain it – clean the air conditioner regularly, check for malfunctioning parts, and devices that might have stopped working.

Occasionally, maybe call a technician or two to make sure everything’s safe and running smoothly.

Even so, maintaining every aspect of an electronic appliance isn’t easy, and there are times that a customer faces problems that have premade solutions offered by their manufacturers.

So, today we’re going to talk about a typical error generated in a Panasonic air conditioner, what it is, and how to solve it.

The Surface Problem:

Recently, we came across a new problem faced by users of air conditioners. Panasonic users, specifically, seem to have this common complaint that the remotes of their inverter air conditioners are displaying an error code F95.

So, that made us look a little into what this error code means and how customers can resolve the issue related to it.

What the F95 Error Code means:

How To Solve F95 Panasonic Error Code?

The F95 error code appears on Panasonic inverter air conditioners due to the overheating of the outdoor coil. It is basically, protection against the outdoor high-pressure rise.

This problem usually occurs due to issues relating to blockages, a dirty condenser coil, cool mode, or low gas. Resolving the problem related to the error code F95 requires regular maintenance and cleaning, as well as an increase in aircon gas levels.

How to solve it:

1. Replace the run cap, and the air conditioner should start working like new!

The motors attached are usually pretty robust but they are susceptible to failure as well. You might want to try spinning it manually (by hand) when the power is on to check if it runs during the cooling cycle.

The other method is trying to turn it manually, by hand when it is powered down to check if there is any significant resistance. If there is, it would indicate that the motor is faulty.

2. Try putting a meter on the wire plug, that is, a resistance between the wires.

How To Solve F95 Panasonic Error Code?

Make sure you have powered down before performing this step. This step will do the least job of giving you continuity for the motor.

3. If you get open circuit readings between the wires, then your motor is shot.

People have come across faulty controller boards that often show the same symptoms. With other people, however, the motor was just not running the fan, which made it easier to detect the high-pressure error.

Hence, a new controller board is recommended in this case. Also, getting a technician to take a look at it would be a good idea.

4. Well, this was only one of the answers.

How To Solve F95 Panasonic Error Code?

The other answer that we came across said that this problem depends entirely on the environment that you have your unit placed or situated in.

The suggested solution would be to get a licensed and properly qualified technician to take a look at your unit and check to see if it is working correctly in the environment that you have chosen to place it in.

It may need some adjustments according to the climate and conditions, and just the general situation around.

How To Solve F95 Panasonic Error Code? – Conclusion

So, these were all the viable solutions to the F95 error code of the inverter air conditioner by Panasonic.

If none of these solutions work for you, then you can try troubleshooting or call an expert from a Panasonic service center near you, to look at your air conditioner and check to see what the problem is.

Either way, it is in your best interest that we provide all our solutions and answers to your queries. Keep them coming! Hope this article was helpful!

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