Is It Advisable To Chemical Wash My Air Conditioner?

As most seasoned homeowners and even office drudges would most definitely appreciate, air conditioners happen to be extremely integral components of comfortable day to day living. They bring the fresh feel to every room. Most especially in regions of the world that experience hot tropical weather throughout the year such as the Far East, and especially Singapore. These invaluable units can effectively regulate the temperature of the rooms they are installed in, ensuring that they are always cool and habitable all year round. However, like any electrical machinery, an air conditioner is also prone to exhibit signs of malfunctioning with the passage of time.

– To properly tackle such occurrences it is highly advisable to that it receives regular maintenance and even repair when needed. This can go a long way in not only enhancing its functionality, but also optimizing it energy efficiency and significantly reducing the health risks that are associated with malfunctioning air conditioning units.

– One of the most vital maintenance jobs that these invaluable machines should be put through happens to be a chemical wash. Which although this term might sound detrimental for the uninitiated, is in fact a very critical process that ensures these units function at their peak at all times.

– A chemical wash is definitely the ultimate failsafe solution when every other maintenance or repair technique is incapable of restoring an air conditioning unit to its peak performance. This can include the mandatory washing or cleansing of the various components of these machines, failing to restore their usual functionality. Which gives rise to problems such as:

– Water leaks.

– Diminished ability to effectively cool air.

– Unseemly odors emanating from these units.

– Or even failure to circulate clean air in the rooms they are installed.

For the most part a chemical wash entails an experienced and highly skilled technician dismantling the whole unit. Before proceeding to cleanse the various parts such as air filters, evaporating coils and even the condenser with an appropriate chemical reagent:

– This preliminary task is then followed by a total immersion of all these components in a chemical solution that can effortlessly dissolve all dirt, dust, mold or mildew. Which might have accumulated on them over the passage of time.

– To ensure a comprehensive job, these technicians will also flush the drainage and various pipe network with the same chemical compound.

– Further, these experts also carry out other mundane maintenance works such as recharging the refrigerant, assessing the functionality of your air conditioner unit’s control mechanisms like its thermostat. This is undoubtedly the reason why a chemical wash is sometimes referred to as a “chemical overhaul”. As it comprehensively deals with virtually all components that might cause your air con unit to malfunction.

It is consequently very wise to incorporate this process in your air conditioner/s regular maintenance schedule. As would be expected there is a plethora of benefits to be had by doing so, and some of the most prominent include:

– You can most definitely be assured of your air con unit, regardless of its age, working flawlessly and its optimum peak all year round.

– Your home or office room temperature can be effortlessly regulated to fashion a cool and habitable atmosphere whenever such a need arises.

– A chemical wash will also enhance your unit’s energy efficiency capabilities, which will obviously result in a significant decrease in your electricity bills.

– Like earlier mentioned this indispensable procedure can eliminate the risk of you or your family contracting respiratory health problems that are related with prolonged exposure to pathogen-filled air.

– A chemical wash can also ensure that the unseemly and highly embarrassing odors that emanate from malfunctioning air con units are totally dealt with. Which can be very invaluable in maintaining the best impressions of anyone that might visit your home or office. While also making such areas infinitely more habitable.

The interval for having this maintenance job conducted can vary depending on various factors such as the exact model you have, its age and even your budget. Nevertheless, for an air conditioner unit that enjoys regular maintenance, this process should be executed at least once each year. While for a unit that receives sporadic checks and maintenance, a chemical wash is recommended after every six months. This is an insight with this respect.