Is It Better To Install Fan Coil Unit Or Cassette Unit For Office?

People yearn to looking for the best Aircon for their offices. There exists a wide variety of air conditioners for business and home owners to choose from. However, to avoid problems in future, it is important to make the right choice before installing an aircon in your office. This is basically because different air conditioners exhibit different features, advantages as well as disadvantages. In this posting I will focus on why it is better to install a cassette unit than a fan coil unit for your office.

Difference Between Fan Coil Unit and Cassette Units

A fan coil unit normally referred to as an FCU is a simple device that consists of a cooling or heating coil and a fan. This type of fan unit is normally not connected to a ductwork and hence only controls the temperature of the space where it has been installed. It can also serve multiple spaces and it is operated by a manual switch or a thermostat. It is ideal of a smaller physical space.

Most FCU’s circulate cold or hot water through a coil to control the temperature of a space. This water is got from a central plant with equipment such as a chiller (cooling tower) to get rid of heat, or boilers for generating hot water.

On the other hand, a ceiling cassette unit is a HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) ductless model consisting of two parts; an outdoor air handling system and an indoor air handling system connected by electrical lines running through an opening in an exterior wall. A cassette unit such as a ceiling cassette unit normally recesses into a false ceiling leaving in view a decorative panel only. Air to be conditioned is drawn through the centre of the panel into the compartment where it is filtered and then heated or cooled before it is supplied back to the room.

Based on its flexibility and quantification, it is the best bet for shops, meeting rooms, large offices, data centers, banks, hotel receptions, and laboratories. Since the chambers have fresh air connection ducts, they ease a space from problems of bad air such as that brought about by smoking.

Reasons Why Cassette Unit Installation is better than Fan Coil Unit in an Office

– Size of the space being conditioned. Fan coil units are only ideal for small and local spaces whereas cassette units are ideal for ventilating both small spaces with limited space and large and extensive spaces. If your office has a small roof space, cassette air conditioner units are the best to consider for installation. This is because they are powerful and can cool the office space from the top to the bottom much easier with higher efficiency. Additionally, it will leave you with a classic style and design.

– Noise. FCU’s have been observed to be noisier than cassette units. This is because the outdoor air handling systems which are regarded to be noisier are mostly located outside the building leaving a calm environment inside. This is good for an office whether it is large or small.

– Economical and quicker to install. Cassette unit installation can be easier to install in an occupied office space since it’s relatively quick to fit and fix while maintaining minimum disruptions. This is opposed to fan coil units which would rather take little longer to fit.

– Freshness. Cassette installations conditions fresh air from outside compared to fan coil units which will keep recycling and re-circulating the air. This is an advantage in maintaining a fresh office environment.

In conclusion, cassette units are better for an office compared to fan coil unit installation. They offer an easy, convenient and economical air conditioning way for both small and large office spaces and irregular shaped rooms. The cassette units maintain required temperature and humidity conditions preventing stale air and draughts zones. The resultant environment is that of elegant air flowing blending aesthetically with any room décor. Additionally, they have the advantage of inconspicuous installation keeping the operational noise way outside your office with the condenser, while the indoor systems are whisper-quiet. Cassette units are suitable for commercial office applications. Nevertheless, with innovations and creativity, FCU’s are also being popular and cannot also be ignored in this regard.