Is It Okay to Use Your Aircon 24/7?

Being a resident of Singapore, you might be aware of the sweltering heat and humidity of the place and because of this you have to fully depend on the aircon. Some months in Singapore are so hot that there is no breeze at all in the morning and at night. Thus, you are forced to leave your aircon switched on every day. When the aircon usage is high, you might be worried about the electricity bills, your health and its maintenance. If you are thinking whether it is okay to use your air conditioner all day or not, just go through this article as it will help you get your answer.

You should keep your filter clean:

When you are using aircon 24 hours 7 day in the week in Singapore, there is no doubt that your electricity will be much higher. Moreover you have to take your air conditioner for servicing at regular intervals. Thus, these two will consume about 50% of your expenses. There is a simple way to reduce these expenses and that is to keep the filter clean always. A dirty filter of the air conditioner takes a lot of time to make the rooms cool and this will be reflected in electricity bills. Clogged and dirty filters can disrupt the normal air flow and cause over 5% inefficiency in the performance of your air conditioners. So make sure you clean the filter of aircon regularly if you are using it all the time.

You should take care of aircon to avoid complications:

When you use aircon 24 hours 7 day in Singapore, some parts might become worn out and might need to be replaced. When there is a minor problem in your aircon, it will start creating abnormal sounds. When you hear some faint noises, make sure you deal with it immediately to avoid major faults. This will help you save a lot of money and you can easily use your aircon all throughout the day and night.

Ask for regular inspection:

If you prefer aircon usage daily, make sure you ask for an expert supervision to let you know the ways to enhance the cooling power, save electricity and make your aircon more energy efficient. By spending a bit of money for this expert inspection, you can convert your aircon into a power saving appliance to cater to the needs of Singapore climate.

You should opt for regular Aircon service and maintenance:

Sometimes, you might think that as long as your aircons are working fine, there is no need to seek the services of an aircon company for servicing and maintaining it. But you must remember when you are using aircon 24 hours 7 day, it is necessary to opt for regular service and maintenance as these help you rule out any problem in future.

You should clean all the bacterial action:

Constant aircon usage would lead to breeding of germs, fungus, bacteria, dust and dirt which would make the air in your room contaminated and hazardous. This would lead to unwanted infections and diseases. Sometimes the moisture present in fan of the aircon would cause the growth of mildew, microbes and molds. So make sure you clean the fan and all the mildew and mold formed regularly if you are using your aircon 24 hours 7 day.

Thus, by following all these tips, you can easily use your aircon all the time. However, you should never forget that even if it is okay to use your aircon 24 hours 7 day in a week, it is better to give it rest for sometimes in between in order to prolong the lifespan of your aircon.