Is It Possible To Make Your Aircon Quieter?

Living in Singapore has many perks and benefits. The city state, which is known as one of the most developed cities in the world, has a constant warm temperature all around the year. The tropical rainforest climate, which causes high humidity and rainfall, keeps the temperature steady from 22 C to 35 C. A combination of these three factors greatly increases the need for an air conditioning unit. One of the biggest problems with air conditioning units is the noise. When you look for a model, you will find an abundance of information. There is a very important downside, which is the lack of noise related information. Also there is no practical way to for you to test the air conditioner before buying it, thus leaving you without a vital information. A noisy air conditioning unit can run your leisure and sleep time, with the constant flow of annoying sounds.

Before you find out how to fix the noise, you need to be aware of what might be causing the noise. There are many different factors which affect the overall loudness of your air conditioning unit. By identifying the exact problem you can not only save time but also money. By following the steps down below, you are destined to sleep and rest in peace and quiet.

The source of your air conditioning problem might be:

· Vibration of glass – If the air conditioning unit is too close to the windows, it might cause shaking of the glass or the window frame, inevitably leading to disturbing noises.

· Sound of the fan working – Some models simply have poor design. The fans in the models made, so called “hums”, even whilst performing the simplest tasks.

· Loose parts in the unit – Air conditioners make a lot of vibrations. That is why it is crucial for the inside parts to be well adjusted. Pay special attention to the inside parts, but also the case.

· Loud compressor – When the air conditioner has just been turned on, there might be a loud sound. That sound is due to the compressor.

Now that we know what type of problems that you may encounter, let’s take a look at some of the possible solutions.

· Vibration of glass can be fixed very simply. You should firstly take a look at your window and make sure that it is adjusted properly. If the noise still continues you will need to do something a bit more demanding. Locate the vibrating part first. Fill out the given space with some foam or shims, thus preventing further vibrations.

· The key to a silent fan is to keep it clean. Dirty fan blades not only make more noise but are also worn out more quickly. You can save a lot of time and money just by simply keeping the fan blades clean. It is always better to take 5 minutes and keep things in order, other than spend a fortune on buying new fan blades.

Another part which you should clean is the filter in the air conditioning unit. You will have peace and quiet while it is clean, but the real issue starts when it is dirty. It can be the source of the loud noise but also make the air conditioner less effective.

· Loose parts in the unit might be due to poor installation or a certain malfunction. It is a bit more difficult to solve problems like this but a successful job bring you many benefits. You can perform this job alone or with a professional.

Simply opening the AC and making sure all parts are tightened and screwed will vastly help you identify the problem. If the problem persists you can do the following. Look for the rattling sound. Once you identify it, try to isolate it from other parts or maybe even replace it.

· Power is the key. Make sure that the source of electricity is working properly. In some cases the flow of electricity is not constant, thus causing the air conditioner to turn off and on in short time intervals. This leads to additional vibrations, more noise.

· Use isolation for loud compressors. Loud compressors cannot be so easily fixed. If you do all the past steps and the problem persists, it is probably the compressor. At this point you can either buy a new air conditioning system of think creatively. In other words you should look for a way to isolate yourself from the sound. There are many products and materials which can help you but styrophome is definitely a cheap and effective material.

Creating an isolated space around the air conditioning unit will take away the loud noise. Placing a layer of styrophome between you and the noise source is also possible. Just place it in a good location and you will save yourself a lot of money and time.

Here are some additional tips which might help you in the future

· Size is important

You need to be aware of the size of the room. Buying a strong air conditioning unit for a small place proves to have more cons than pros. Scaling is important. Adjust the air conditioner unit to the size of the room and you will certainly have less noise.

· Look for newer models

Technology reaches new limits every day. New does not always have to be better, but in the case of air conditioners it is true. Older models have are louder and are focused on cooling the room, regardless of the noise. That is where newer models are different, thankfully putting a focus on the noise too.

· Make sure you work with professionals

Many workers claim to be qualified to install air conditioners. Their mistakes lead to many noise related issues. It is better to choose a trusted company so you can be 100 % sure that the job was done right. Most problems originate from bad installation.

Hopefully this guide will help you solve your air conditioner problems and give you the opportunity to rest and sleep in the majesty of Singapore.