What Are The Proper Steps To Cleaning Your Aircon?

Cleaning an air conditioner usually is the most essential task that you should do if you want to ensure the proper functioning of such an appliance. If you’re in Singapore, this article will focus on the various steps you should put into consideration if you want to properly clean your air conditioner. Read on to know more on this.

If you want to see your air conditioner functioning efficiently and effectively, you need to put into consideration some maintenance tasks. Basically, its ideal you think of cleaning your air conditioner before summer in order to ensure optimum cooling when it is most required. However, it’s recommended that before you commence the cleaning process, you ensure that you’ve got the standard materials and tools in order to make the entire process successful. Let us now have a look at the various steps you should put into consideration in your attempt to clean your air conditioner.

What Are The Proper Steps To Cleaning Your Aircon?

The following are the effective steps you should put into consideration during an aircon servicing. They include;

Step#1:Cleaning the Filters

Filters are normally very essential parts that when exposed to the dust can easily contribute to the air conditioners’ issues. Basically, take out of the aircon the filter and get rid of the dust using a vacuum cleaner. After this, take a tub and fill it with vinegar and water in equal proportions. Completely submerge the filter into the solution and ensure that it stays there for several hours.

Generally, by doing so you will be able to kill all the bacteria and allergens present on the filter. Carefully, after several hours remove the filter and ensure that it dry thoroughly and then fix it back to your aircon.

Step#2:Cleaning the Coils

You’ll get access to the aircon’s coils by opening the appliance’s covering. Carefully remove the casing and ensure that you safely keep the screws. Once you’ve the coils, use a compressed air to eradicate the debris and the dust. Then make use of a scrub brush to remove any hard to reach dirt.

Step#3:Cleaning the Condenser

You’ll have to make use of a vacuum if you want to properly clean the condenser. Carefully, locate the aircon’s condenser and then run the vacuum properly all over its exterior. Afterwards, remove the cover in order to clean the inside to. Make use of an appropriate screw driver to remove the casing and then vacuum all the components.

Step#4:Cleaning the Ducts

In order to effectively clean the aircon’s ducts, you’ll have to take out first the vent cover. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean any mold that may be present. However, it is normally recommended that you make use of a scrub to scrub the surface that has got the mold. Ensure that you as well clean the vent walls as well as the vent cover.

Last but not the least; these were some of the effective aircon cleaning steps that you should put into consideration. For efficient and effective functioning of a portable aircon, ensure that you keep the nearby area clean. Thank you.