Tips For Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services

The cleaning of air ducts is one of the tasks people in Singapore usually forget easily to do even if it affects not only their health but also the health of their heating and cooling system. Some of them even do not remember when they have got their vents and air ducts cleaned last time. So, before hiring air duct cleaning services in Singapore you must know the benefits of cleaning your air ducts so that you can understand its importance in your life.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

The frequent and regular cleaning of air ducts is important because, as per environment protection agencies in Singapore, of the increase threat of the pollution of indoor air on the environment and people. The airborne contaminants get into the ducts of you air cooling and heating system whenever it is run. These contaminants build-up inside the ducts and become harmful with time. Such things can be avoided by hiring air duct cleaning services in Singapore.

Elimination of harmful contaminants:

The cleaning of air ducts can eliminate the contaminants like tobacco smoke, dust mites, chemicals, household molds, bacteria, airborne allergens, carbon monoxide and animal dander etc. They can be harmful for the health of you and your colleagues or family members if the ducts are not cleaned regularly and frequently.

Removal of dirt and debris:

The regular cleaning of air ducts also help in reducing the accumulation of household dust in the ducting system of your heating and air conditioning system

Improve the quality of indoor air:
Frequent cleaning of air ducts in Singapore also improve the quality of indoor air by eliminating odour from it. According to various environmental experts indoor air is sometimes polluted more than 70 times more than external air if their air ducts are not cleaned regularly. The accumulation of airborne contaminants like fungus, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and mold spores can cause various health problems like asthma and various types of allergies.

Save money and energy:

According to environmental experts frequent cleaning of air ducts also help in reducing the consumption of power as well as power bill as it will increase the efficiency of your cooling and heating system to a great extent.

Life extension for the equipment:

Most air cooling and heating systems fail due to accumulation of dust and dirt in their air ducts. The fans inside these machines stop working properly to give hot and cold air unless dust and dirt accumulated in their air duct is cleaned. The dirt accumulation can also cause cracks in the heat exchanger in some cases. You can prevent such problems by cleaning air ducts regularly.

Hiring air duct cleaning services in Singapore

Though the regular cleaning of air ducts is very important but while hiring air duct cleaning services you should be a bit careful. Some of the scam service providers may try charge you additionally for protecting you from the dangers of airborne contaminants accumulated in your ducts to your health. So, while hiring the service providers to clean the air ducts of your heating and cooling system you should consider certain things carefully.

Need of air duct cleaning:

According to various experts you should clean your air ducts after every 4-5 years to avoid the substantial infestation and growth of contaminants, debris and dust in them that can affect the working of your system.

Cost of air duct cleaning

Though the cost of cleaning air ducts is not much important in comparison to the health benefits it provides but still you should know about it beforehand to avoid inconvenience later on. According to various experts the cost of air duct cleaning may vary according to the size of the home and the ducts. For an average size home in Singapore it should not be more than S$500. But you should be careful if the service provider charges additional fee for cleaning your entire house. You should avoid hiring such air duct cleaning services.

Is it worthwhile to clean air ducts?

Though air duct cleaning is considered important by various environmentalists but still there is no evidence that it improves the quality of the indoor air scientifically. But there are several things like molds and other airborne contaminants that can be harmful for your health if they are allowed to stay in your air ducts. So before hiring a service provider to clean your air ducts you should have a second opinion if someone can eliminate and prevent these contaminants and pollutants through some other method.

Things to consider while hiring an air duct cleaning service

The air duct cleaning services you plan to hire for this purpose should be licensed by the state or local government.

If there is no provision of license in your city or state then he must have the proof of the insurance coverage for workers’ compensation and liability. This coverage will be available with any reputable service provider company. They will happily provide its proof in writing to their clients.

But if the service provider hesitates to provide such proofs then you can search for some other air duct cleaning services. In fact dealing with unreliable service provider can cost you dearly in case of any mishap with their workers or any damage to your house during the process at your place, due to lack of insurance coverage.

You should also ensure about the standing of the company in the market. You can rely on a company with long standing in the market as you can contact them in case of any problem in their working during the period of guarantee or warranty. The company cannot be reliable if it shifts its office after every few weeks.

You can also ask for the references to check the quality of work and reliability of the company as cleaning of air ducts is not an inexpensive task.

You can also check whether the company follows the air duct cleaning guidelines set by EPA.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily search for reliable air duct cleaning services in Singapore.