What Is Aircon Chemical OverHaul?

A chemical overhaul is the process used to clean air conditioning machines which have not been cleaned for many years and therefore it will help to restore and improve the air conditioning unit’s performance. It is also the step to take when normal cleaning of the machine does not restore the function.

A number of careful steps are carried out to make sure it works well, for this procedure the air conditioning unit will have to be dismantled from the wall. So first the air filters are properly cleaned with chemicals to make sure clean air is coming out of it and this prevents allergies and breathing problems associated with accumulated dust and dirty air. The fan bearings are also well lubricated to prevent a noisy air conditioning system. If you have water leaks from you air conditioner, then a chemical cleansing of the drainage system is one of the processes which is carried in a chemical overhaul and it will help stop that problem.

One of the steps that have to be done is chemical cleaning of the fan evaporator coil to allow for proper heat transfer and removal of accumulated dirt and dust, it is also important topping up on refrigerant gas which is a heat exchange material used in refrigerators and air conditioners. The chemical used in these processes breakdown the accumulated dirt and dust which has been collected from the outside air which is sucked into the machine and cooled providing you with cool air.

A chemical overhaul also involves checking of the control and thermostats and testing and commissioning the system, also the coil is removed from the wall and a good chemical wash and rinsing in water is carried out so the chemical does not corrode the coil after service. The blower wheel and fan blades are also cleaned and drain pan and pipe are flushed and cleaned. It is also important to note that the fan coil unit is then reinstalled and the pressure is checked.

Once a chemical overhaul is complete there are a number of benefits such as saving on electricity bills are you air conditioning unit works less hard to cool down a room, it also prolongs the life of your air conditioner. It will also keep the machine running well therefore saving you money on maintenance as well save cost on part replacements, no more leaking air conditioning units and you get fresh cool air once the processes are carried out. This operation will take up to 1.5hr per unit and the price starts form $150 and above and once complete a test run will be performed.

So to sum it up, you get cleaner air conditioning unit that will perform well and give you less troubles for a small price and it is does not take too long for the procedures to be carried out.