When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

If you live in Singapore, then aircon can be the most important electrical appliance for you. This amazing appliance can help you get better comfort in the humid environment in Singapore. However, it can give you better result only if you take good care of your aircon and you service it on regular manner. But, sometime general service does not give any visible result to you and in that case you may need to think about aircon chemical wash for better result. This kind of cleaning and service for your aircon can certainly help you get much better result, but many people do not choose this method because they do not know when they would need aircon chemical wash for it. 


Well, if you are in same dilemma and you have no idea about When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash, then I am sharing few key points that can help you in this regard. If you notice any of these problems in your home or in your aircon, then I would suggest you to do to When Do You aircon chemical wash without any delay.

Allergies in your family:
 I would not always blame broken aircon for allergies in your family, but if you notice any kind of allergy is there in your home then doing aircon chemical wash is a good idea. Normally allergy can affect you or your family members because you have dust, dirt, mites bacterial or some other microbes in the air. If you have a working aircon in your home, then these harmful objects or parasites should not be there in any condition. But allergy in your family proves these harmful things are there in your home and your aircon is not working properly. So, if you will go ahead for the aircon chemical wash, then chances are high that you will be able to get rid of the allergy as well. 

Hot air from Aircon:
Giving cool air is the most basic function of your aircon and if it’s not giving cool air to you, then you will ask the technician for servicing it. But if you notice that your aircon is not giving cool air even after having servicing from technician, then you shall think about aircon chemical wash for resolution of this problem. When you will clean the system with chemical wash then you will not have any kind of dust, dirt or other deposition in it and you will be able to have clean and cool air with it in easy ways. Hence, I can say, this is another time when you should think about cleaning your aircon using chemical wash method.

Bad smell from aircon:
Sometime your aircon give bad smell to you and your feel a misty smell in your room as well. You need to understand that this kind of smell can from your aircon only if it has deposition of mold, bacteria or water in it. I don’t need to tell you this simple thing that you can remove deposition of these harmful thing only with aircon chemical wash. When you will try this chemical cleaning procedure, then you will be able to get rid of this bad smell from your aircon in quite simple manner and this is another situation when I would recommend you to choose aircon chemical wash for its better servicing. 


High electricity bill:
Most of the people may not notice any connection between aircon chemical wash and high electricity bill. But if you are having high electricity bill without increasing electricity load in your house, then it means your aircon unit has some problems in it. Few problem are there that can automatically reduce the performance of your aircon and it can increase the electricity bill for you. If you notice this issue in your home, then it is a wise idea that you go ahead for aircon chemical wash before checking any other complication. With this chemical wash, those problems may go away and you can have control on your electricity bill as well in easy ways.

Water leaking issues:
Water leakage in your aircon gives you a hint that it can have some other serious problems as well in it. Mostly you will have water leaking issues in your aircon only when it will have some clogging in the drain pipe. This cloaking can have lot of dust, dirt, and small animals in it. You cannot clean this clogging by your own in regular cleaning methods. But if you will use aircon chemical wash method, then you can easily remove the clogging from drain pipe. So, this is one more problem that gives a signal to have aircon chemical wash for having better output with it.

Ice accumulation:
Sometime you may notice ice accumulation on your aircon unit. Normally this problem is not dangerous for you or your family, but it’s definitely dangerous for your budget and comfort. This accumulation of ice on your aircon unit can increase the electricity bill for you and if you leave it unattended, then it can damage your aircon as well. Other than this, it will affect the comfort factor as well. To deal with this situation you can use aircon chemical wash method and chances are really high that you will be able to get rid of this ice deposition in your aircon unit without having any kind of complication or trouble.

In addition to these complications, broken fan or dead aircon can also give you a hint that your need to go ahead with aircon chemical wash for better outcome with it. Also, it is advised that you shall do the aircon chemical wash in a year or 18 month on regular manner. This regular wash will reduce the chances of having troubles that I shared with you above and you will be able to live a comfortable life in the best possible manner. Other than this, regular cleaning will also reduce complication in your aircon and you will be able to save more money as well in easy ways.