When You Should Change Your Aircon Gas?

Singapore has no winter or spring. The weather here in Singapore is mostly hot & humid. To cope up with this hot weather, you always need an air conditioner to remain cool and comfortable. An air conditioner is one of the most important appliances you need in your home in Singapore. It helps to keep the room temperature cool and helps one to relax after a long tiring hot day. It’s pretty obvious, that air conditioners in Singapore homes are used heavily. Therefore there is constant pressure on the mechanism of the air conditioners. Just like any other electrical appliance, aircons too have a limited lifespan. After some point, every aircon will show up some difficulties. When the parts start wearing off or get dead, the aircon shows up certain signs. It is you who need to notice those signs and get the parts replaced as soon as possible.

Before going towards when to change Aircon gas, you need to know when the gas does leak in the first place. AC gas is filled in a sealed environment from where the leakage is not possible. The seal is made up of Copper and Aluminium. However, due to excess pollution or if your house is near sewages, these metals get corroded. Several small holes are created on these metals thereby leading to a gas leak. In such a situation, one needs to change or replace the metal wiring.

Signs when you need to change your Aircon gas

No more cooling-
 One of the most common problems seen when gas starts leaking is the Ac stops cooling. If you see that your air conditioner is not cooling the room same as before, that means it either needs to get replaced or repaired. The refrigerant in your AC system absorbs heat from the indoor air and dumps that outside. Now if your Ac is low on a refrigerant that means it won’t be able to absorb heat from the room. And thereby it stops cooling completely. To avoid such circumstances we recommend you to refill your AC gas every 1.2 to 2 years or get it checked for leakages through professional service providers.

Energy bills rising high-
 During the hot summer days in Singapore, the energy bills are quite high. However, if you notice that the energy bills are rising at an alarming rate, that means some serious issues is going inside in your air conditioner. Air conditioners use refrigerant to transfer heat & remove heat from your home. Now if there is low refrigerant, it won’t allow your system to remove the required heat. As a result, when your units will run low you will see a drastic rise in your electricity bills. If you notice such a drastic rise in electricity bills, immediately call a professional service to diagnose the leakage.

When your Ac gives off strange emission- 
If you notice that whenever you switch on your aircon, it starts giving off some strange emissions such as foul smell, noises and moisture, your aircon is a serious need of help. This mainly occurs when there is a gas leakage inside the air-conditioning system. In such a situation, the aircon gas system needs to be diagnosed and changed immediately.

Too much time to cool- 
In general, an AC takes a few minutes to cool the room completely. If you see that this cooling time is gradually increasing, then there must be a leakage inside the system. Cooling time slowing down is not at all a good sign. If this is happening for quite a long period, gets your AC checked immediately.

There is ice on your refrigerant lines-
 If there is a leakage of the gas line inside your AC, the AC freezes due to low refrigerant. This ice starts building up outside the unit along the refrigerant line. If you see this symptom you need to change your Aircon gas system immediately or refill the gas (if there is no leakage).

All these signs and symptoms that are mentioned above are only given to identify whether there are any issues with the aircon gas system or not. Now if you see any of these signs, never go for any experimentation with the AC. Simply call a reliable AC service provider in Singapore and get your AC repaired or replaced