Why My Air Conditioner Turns Smelly?

Having a smelly aircon? It can be unpleasant to sit down to relax, turn on the air conditioner, and out comes a galore of foul odors. Air conditioning units are meant to lower the temperature of an area, giving the comfort that they provide, especially during summer months. But a problem is that, sometimes their emissions containing cool air also produce a pungent odor that spreads rapidly, even around large spaces. The reasons to air conditioner odor are many.

Long running air conditioning stink is caused by a clogged water drain. The most likely source of foul smell is the condensate tray. The condensate tray can get incorrectly sloped or the drain plugged, causing standing water in the tray. This means the drain holes are clogged, making water collect causing water to become stagnant and smelly. Mold and bacteria grow on the condenser coil or in the drainage pan, the earthy smell from which permeate the house when the air conditioner is running. This requires removing the cover from the air conditioner and cleaning of the drain holes and the pan underneath it.

Smoke, being a heavy gas can stay within the air conditioner chamber. Once the air conditioner is turned on, the smoke escapes through the emission vent, causing the strong heavy smell to spread in the space. Just like smoke, other strong odors like nasty stench of garbage, insecticides, can stay inside the air conditioning units. Upon opening the air conditioner, the stench exits and is emitted. Sewer gases from nearby pipes penetrate the conditioning unit through its air return space, emitting a foul stench like rotten eggs. Small animals and rodents tend to creep through the cracks and crevices in walls and ceilings, and end up in the pipes leading to the air conditioning chamber units. Once dead inside the condensation chamber, they emit a foul odor. In exchange to sieving air, the air filter also collects dirt, dust and other particles. When these accumulate, it can produce a foul scent.

The stench from automobile based air conditioning systems is governed by a number of factors, as they are connected to the engine. In the car air conditioning unit, it is directly connected to the alternator. If the combustion engine develops a leak, the unit gets exposed to fumes of burning antifreeze. These fumes are expelled through the emission vent and into the car. Inhalation of these fumes can be cause of various respiratory ailments.

The stinking odor is a word of warning that the unit requires maintenance. The sensitive nostrils easily detect the stink, and breathing of the harmful dust and debris can also harm the lungs. The congested air condition drain and engine leak can produce permanent odor. Leaving the drain blocked for a long time eventually damages the air conditioning motor unit, prompting high repair fees, or even worse lead to purchasing an entirely new air conditioner altogether. The odors emanated by room based conditioning units can be best eliminated by regular cleaning and servicing. For fume related emissions, the auto engine ought to be fixed without delay. Have a bad smelly aircon? Call Singapore Aircon Servicing today.