Why Is My Panasonic Aircon Not Working Suddenly?

Air conditioner is used cool and dehumidify the air around the house. In simple terms, an air conditioner works by the principle of condensation and evaporation. It is one of those hot seasons in Singapore and your Panasonic air conditioner has failed. What do you do about it? It is advisable that you don’t try to fix it.

Air conditioner is an electrical appliance which may contain hazardous chemicals and that is the reason why you should not try to open it. It is advisable that you contact a qualified and licensed technician to do the repair work. In this article we are going to look at some of the reasons why your Panasonic air conditioner has suddenly stopped working.

Freon is a liquid and a gas combination which is compressed and then circulated throughout the entire air conditioning system. After Freon has been compressed, it is circulated through this system while under pressure and it is passed through rubber hoses and different sized metal. Compressed Freon is further passed through an expansion valve where this process causes the expansion of the gas and then contract. When you invite a technician to check why your air conditioner is not working, he will use a special machine which will determine if Freon is the cause of the problem.

Idling problems
There are a few idling problems that could cause the air conditioner to fail. Some of them includes;

When there is no airflow across the condenser- it is important to ensure that the electric cooling fan which is located near the condenser is coming on. In the case of the models which comes equipped with a fan blade, it is important to ensure that the fan is not only turning but turning very fast.

Low levels of Freon- low levels could be another reason why your aircon has suddenly failed. Therefore you should check its level as well as its pressure. This should be done by a certified aicon mechanic.

Overheating- in the event that the aircon has overheated, it may have a negative effect on the aircons ability to cool air.

Blocked condenser
Condenser is one of the most important parts of an air conditioner in as far as producing cool air is concerned. In the event that the aircon is blocked, the system will be unable to dispense cool air in to you house. In some cases, the condenser may be blocked by dusts and dirt. This is the main reason why you should clean your air conditioner every once in a month. The cleaning process serves to prevent the buildup of debris on the condenser.

Dirty filter
This is another main reason why your aircon may not work properly. For you to enjoy cool air in the house, you are advised to ensure that the filter is well maintained. When the air filter is very dirty, the system will not be able to cool your room. You are therefore advised to ensure that you clear the filter every once in a month. A well maintained filter will ensure that the air conditioner is properly cooling your house.

Frozen condenser
We have stated above that the condenser is a very crucial part in the air condenser. There are instances where the aircon gets frozen and this may make the system to fail suddenly. Therefore when the air conditioner gets frozen, it will not work properly to cool your house. It advisable to ensure that you properly maintain your air conditioner to prevent any incidences of freezing. A good maintenance is crucial if you want to maintain the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Leaking refrigerant
This is another major reason why your air conditioner may fail. It is one of the problems that have troubled many people in Singapore. It is a common observation that most people are reluctant to change the refrigerant. Due to this reason, their aircons do not function properly in cooling their houses. It is advisable that you change the leaking refrigerant. Changing the refrigerant could be a better option when compared to fixing it.

Dirty evaporator
We will also notice that an evaporator is one of the very crucial parts in an aircon. The air conditioner will not work properly if the evaporator has failed. Therefore, in the event that the evaporator gets dirty, the whole system will not work properly and sometimes you will realize that it suddenly stops working. That is the main reason why you are always advised to ensure that all parts of the air conditioner are thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning should be done at least once per year to get rid of dirt and debris.

Brocken thermostat
When the thermostat breaks down, the aircon will not be able to cool your house anymore. Most of the air conditioners work based on the effectiveness of the thermostat. If the thermostat has failed working, the thermostat will not work accordingly. You are advised to ensure that the thermostat is checked regularly.

Incorrect size
This is another major cause of aircon failing in Singapore. There are very many people who choose air conditioners that are too small as compared to the size of the house. You are advised to choose an air conditioner that is of the right size as per the size of your house. A small sized aircon will mean that it has to continuously run so as to be able to cool the big house. Eventually, the aircon is likely to break down

Other mechanical problems
Most of the times during the summers, the air conditioners is forced to continue running all day and other times all night. This may prove to be too much load for the system. Sometimes the motor might get bad and other times the compressor will breakdown. Considering the important role which is played by the condenser, when it fails, the whole system will fail and therefore you will not be able to enjoy cool air anymore in your house. There are a number of repair works that can be done on the motor, but when it comes to a broken condenser, you may be forced to replace it completely.

The most important thing to note with air conditioners is that always ensure that they are properly maintained. This is the only way to guarantee you that they will not fail when you need them most